August 28, 2021


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Moderna Metallic Contamination Dismissed – AGE OF AUTISM

UPDATE from Reuters and other sources: Two people die in Japan after being shot from exposed Moderna vaccines

TOKYO, Aug 28 (Reuters) – Two people died after receiving COVID-19 vaccine syringes from Moderna Inc (MRNA.O), which was one of the lots later exposed after contaminants were discovered, the Japanese said Ministry of Health on Saturday. The men in their thirties died within days of receiving their second dose of Moderna this month, the ministry said in a press release. Everyone had exposed a recording from one of three production lots on Thursday. The causes of death are being investigated.


Memes are popular on social media. Like me, I’m sure you’ve seen some that make you laugh, some that make you shiver, others that simply sound true to some aspect of your life. I read one this week, but didn’t notice it. It said (and I paraphrase) “These are not conspiracy theories, they are spoilers.” How’s that for spicy?

I’ve been trying to read between the lines of everything these days. I search with finesse for “weasel words” that ward off accusations, cover up and sometimes even lie. Several vaccination centers have reported that vaccine vials contain foreign objects, according to a ministry announcement. The ministry announced later in the day that the substance mixed in might have been metal. “It’s a substance that reacts to magnets,” said a ministry official. “It could be metal.” Https://

The Japanese ministry said the substance “reacts” to magnets. Does that mean it is attracted or repelled? How was it tested? Three types of metals interact with magnetic fields: ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, and diamagnetic metals. Ferromagnetic metals are strongly attracted to magnets; the rest is not. Magnets also attract paramagnetic metals, but very weakly. Diamagnetic metals repel the magnet, although the force is usually very weak.

Do you remember the “reports” that the Covid vaccine had magnets stuck to the recipient’s arms? Nonsense? Nonsense? Ponytail? Conspiracy theory? Can we wonder if these vaccines also contained undetected bits of metal? And the discharge: Reuters: CORRECTION fact check ‘magnetic test’ does not prove that COVID-19 shocks contain metal or a microchip

Correction 06/25/2021: An earlier version of this check incorrectly described the mechanism of MRI scans and gave an incomplete representation of the weak magnetic interactions in relation to the human body. These sentences have been deleted as they do not affect the judgment of the check. This article has also been updated to clarify that not all metals are magnetic. Vaccines against COVID-19 do not contain metals or microchips that make recipients magnetic at the injection site, physics and medical experts told Reuters to jab recipients. Several clips said the alleged phenomenon was evidence that people were microchipped

I just got the meme shown in our photo below from a “friend of ours” yesterday evening. Something seems to be missing. This week Japan announced that it was in some games of the Modern. possibly there were metal fragments6C54FE95-EE73-45EC-8F89-69E98354F022a vaccine. If this were a different product, a product with little liability, it would be recalled. The look of offering a product that is contaminated with everything, let alone metals, would be a debacle for any PR department. Every PR department EXCEPT those in a vaccine company and certainly in a company that makes a vaccine against Covid.

Japan Times reports:

The foreign substance found in dozens of vials of the COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna Inc. in Japan is believed to be tiny pieces of metal, but experts have dismissed concerns about significant health issues, saying the likelihood of actual penetration of the Foreign matter consists of the body is low.

The foreign substance was identified in 39 unused vials, all with the lot number 3004667, at eight workplaces and major vaccination centers in five prefectures – Aichi, Ibaraki, Gifu, Saitama and Tokyo. 16. The government decided on Thursday to discontinue the use of these vials Batch number – as well as those with the batch numbers 3004734 and 3004956, which were manufactured at about the same time and in the same plant – to be set for a total of 1.63. affects millions of shots …


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