October 9, 2021


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Ministry of Training ‘engaged on plan to renew in-person courses’

In-person lessons could possibly return to schools before the end of the year as the Ministry of Education finalizes a “roadmap” for resumption, explained Head of Education Dr. Ramona Archer-Bradshaw on Friday.

When the ministry accepted 41 mobile-enabled tablets and other school supplies from CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, she said the ministry was aware of the importance of returning children to the classroom.

The Michaelmas appointment at the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022 with students moving to new forms and schools is completely online. But the education director said although COVID-19 is still a major threat, plans for physical education are underway.

Dr. Archer-Bradshaw said, “All in all, at this point it is a matter of assessing risk, and while for children with special needs and children ages three to five we know that having face-to-face teaching is ideal, it is currently unsafe.

“We are currently working on a roadmap that will allow our children to return to their personal environment. Once we are done with this roadmap, we will share it with you and we will all know what the requirements are for a face-to-face meeting [classes].

“We are very aware that the COVID-19 pandemic is going nowhere, so we are trying to develop tools and tools to provide a safe place for our children.”

Dr. Archer-Bradshaw stressed that while the department currently has a target date in mind when in-person tuition could possibly be resumed in some way, the resumption is entirely dependent on the number of daily COVID positive cases dropping significantly.

She said, “The Ministry of Education will continue to be run by the Ministry of Health and Wellness in terms of safety. We’ll check the number of cases and so on, and as soon as they give us the green light, we’ll be ready. “

The Chief Education Officer added that vaccination rates for secondary school students 12 and older, as well as teachers, will also be taken into account in future decisions about when to resume classroom teaching.

While presenting the school supplies, Debra King, director of corporate communications at CIBC FirstCaribbean, told attendees that the donation this morning was part of a $ 25,775 donation to two schools. Springer Memorial and St. Martin’s Mangrove Primary for their online learning platforms.

King also announced that the bank is also reusing decommissioned laptops from the company’s branches across the region to give to students in need of devices.

She said, “We also have another initiative where our decommissioned laptops and desktops will be donated across the region as soon as they are available to schools, other social organizations that facilitate education and outreach, to give them access to services to enable. This is an initiative that has donated hundreds of devices in the 16 Caribbean countries where we operate. ”(SB)

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