August 8, 2021


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Mike Rowe Gives Straight Speak on Alternative

By Cathy Jameson

After both my sister and mom asked me if I’d seen Mike Rowe’s latest Off the Wall post, I knew I had to read it. I trust my family’s input on several topics. I also tend to like and agree with some things that Mike Rowe shared.

I see a lot of thoughtful insights from him, but the only part that stuck in my mind for the longest hours after reading it was Mike Rowe’s regret. How many of us in our community have shared regrets for not listening to our instincts? To see a medical practitioner’s biased opinion as fact? Wish we could have done things differently? I would say many of us have.

Regret can be unfortunate, but it can also keep us from making the same mistake again. Thank you Mike Rowe for sharing your thoughts, wise words, and regrets. You will grow with them. I guarantee it.


Off the Wall – Read the post here and bookmark Mike Rowe’s blog.

Mike – I read a few months ago that you got the vaccine. I’m happy. But I am also curious. You have a lot of people on this site who respect your opinion – many of which I would bet many are unvaccinated. Did you encourage them to follow your example? If not what are you waiting for? As I’m sure you know, Delta is raging. The sooner we are all vaccinated, the sooner we can get back to normal!

Steve Manchin

Hello Steve

The short answer is no – I haven’t publicly encouraged anyone to get vaccinated. In fact, I recently declined to attend several PSA events designed to convince people to get the stab. Of course, that’s not because I’m against vaccines. Vaccines have saved more lives than any other advance in the long history of medicine, and to your point, I got the vaccinations the minute I was eligible. But I’m not a doctor, Steve, and although I do play one on TV occasionally, I’m not inclined to give medical advice to the folks on this site.

True, I appeared in a few PSA events early on when they assured us that the lockdown was essential to keep our hospitals from being overrun. “Two weeks to flatten the curve!” Do you remember that? This turned out to be untrue, of course, and I regret my role in perpetuating this particular untruth. I also regret what I said during the first Zoom show, which aired during prime time. It was an episode of After the Catch where I spoke to some crab boat captains about the locks. At some point I looked into the camera lens of my computer and said with unusual seriousness: “For the first time in a long time, we all seem to be in the same boat.”

Well, I was wrong about that too. We weren’t in the same boat, then or now. We were in the same storm, but our boats were very different. Some flourished during the lockdowns and rode yachts and pleasure boats through the storm. Others fidgeted and weathered the storm in rowboats and rubber dinghies. Some had no boats at all and clung for their lives to whatever flotsam and flotsam they could find. The point is, I said some things back then that I regret and over-talked to many. The only thing I’m going to say about the vaccine now is that everything we do is at risk and everything we don’t is at risk. So there is a risk of getting vaccinated and a risk of not getting vaccinated. Of course I made my decision, but I’m not a doctor. So I’m unable to answer questions like, “But Mike, if the vaccine is so safe, why didn’t the FDA approve it? Or, “But Mike, if the vaccine is so effective, why is the government treating us all as if we were not vaccinated?”

These are fair and reasonable questions, and I have no logical answer. Here in California, when you are inside you must now wear a mask, vaccinated or not. What kind of message is that? Yes, we have a new variant, and as I’ve read, it’s highly contagious but far less virulent – especially if you’re vaccinated. According to the CDC, only one in 27,000 people vaccinated has become infected with it. This means that if you are vaccinated, you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to contract COVID. Yet again, people are demanding more bans, more restrictions, and more compliance from those who have already got their shots.

The fact is, millions of reasonable Americans have every right to be confused and skeptical. Those people you are referring to, Steve – the ones who are telling us now that we can “get back to normal once everyone is vaccinated” – are the same people who said, “Two weeks to flatten the curve ! ”These are the same people who told us that masks were“ useless ”before telling us they were“ critical ”. These are the same people who told us that there would be a return to normal once “the weakest” among us were vaccinated. Then “half of the population” had just been vaccinated. Then, as soon as we reached “herd immunity”. These are the same people who told us they would NOT trust ANY vaccine that was developed under the last dose. Well, it is precisely these people who trivialize the skeptics!

If this were a Peanuts cartoon, these people would be Lucy pulling the soccer ball away at the last moment while a nation full of Charlie Browns lands flat on their collective backs over and over again. The people you are referring to – elected officials, journalists, and most disturbingly, more than a few medical experts – have kept moving the goal posts while ignoring the same rules and restrictions that they require of all of us. They are always safe, usually wrong, incapable of shame, and utterly devoid of humility. Is it any wonder millions fail to convince them?

I’m sorry Steve, but even if I were a real doctor, I don’t see what to say to the skeptics on this site. But I’m saying that as a fake. Every single American who wanted the vaccine had the opportunity to get it – for free. Those who refused are not won over by people like me. At this point, I fear the government has only one sensible path – to get the FDA on board, compile statistics, and then provide an honest, daily breakdown of how quickly the virus is moving among the unvaccinated versus the vaccinated. No more threats, no more judgments, no more politics, no more PPE operated by celebrities, no more lazy attempts at public shame. Just a steady stream of verifiable data that definitely proves that the great, indisputable, overwhelming majority of people who get this disease are unvaccinated.

In other words, give us the facts, admit your mistakes, try a little humility, and stop treating the unvaccinated like your enemy.


PS Dirty Jobs, as the attached photo is supposed to prove, is coming back. New episodes are expected to start in October. The doctor will then see you …


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