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Methods to Decrease Your Covid Danger Throughout Vacation Gatherings

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Weed weeds, visit a film matee or just do nothing: This is how Well readers spend their time when they need a day off to recharge their batteries. Christina Caron explains:

The pandemic has made many of us rethink our priorities and better adapt to our needs. But how can we best fill these hours so that we can go home refreshed and recharged?

We reached out to our readers to find out what they are doing during a mental health day. The answers poured in – and not just from those caught in the rat race. Some said they had retired for years, others stayed home, and some responded on behalf of their burned-out teenagers.

So relax and get more ideas on how to spend your mental health day. As a bonus, check out Wirecutter’s tips on finding the best pajamas.

Find out how Well readers take mental breaks:
Mental health days are important. Here’s how it’s worth it.

We’ve all had a rough year, so why not make your Thanksgiving a little easier? My favorite columnist Eric Kim has great tips on how to cook a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey, as well as recipes for simple umami sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean salad, lemony cranberry relish, and caramel apple pudding. Its funky cheesy pizza filling is a fun take on a traditional dish that will convert some filling skeptics. Erik writes:

I set out to create a scaled-down menu for beginners – or anyone who wants to achieve the same taste touchstones without doing more work than necessary.

Most dishes can be prepared with a little more than one sheet pan and one large pan. Everything cooks at a temperature of 350 degrees, so you will not do any mental or physical gymnastics with the oven.

Shopping is easy as these recipes require a limited number of essential ingredients, many of which are shared on the menu. Forget about the fresh herbs – all that’s left to do is wash them. Instead, rely on a single dried herb (oregano, thyme, or sage are all fair game) to act as a flavor motif throughout the meal.

And avoid the last minute cooking sprint. Much of this menu can (and should) be prepared the day before if you are less stressed. (It should take about three to four hours.) Roll up your sleeves, hang up the podcast, and enjoy the cooking.

Check out Eric Kim’s seven new vacation recipes:
Simplify your Thanksgiving Day

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