Malone: Public faculties should return to educating and let dad and mom do the parenting | Visitor columnists

Today’s children come to school with fewer life skills. Schools rightly focus on their needs before teachers can teach them. Before the pandemic, school districts were feeding 42% or more (and now 100% under government coronavirus funding) of the student body, providing clothing and special health and food festivals to needy students and their families, hiring more social workers and nurses, and spending expenses Millions of dollars for safety and the reinstatement of summer schools. When students get into trouble, parents often react with frustration or blame the school for their children’s behavior. Schools try to teach and administer discipline, but parents tend to defend the children and fight the disciplinary measures. Instead, some parents prefer to negotiate with children about parenting responsibilities.

The children who are doing well during the pandemic are either motivated, self-motivated and/or have strong parental support. Admittedly, many parents have a hard time as single parents. Some parents just don’t care about the kids. Others cannot see beyond their personal or family interests and do not accept the responsibility of living in a community.

Today, school is the children’s primary community, as opposed to the family. Parents look for school events and activities to fill their children’s day and meet their needs. Children seek validation from loving teachers and administrators, social media, and friends. Unfortunately, the school has reached a point where it can no longer offer everything to students and parents, and it will become a virtual orphanage.


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