July 14, 2021


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Liquor Then Beer By no means Worry, Moderna Then Pfizer WHO Says To Be Wiser

“A bit of a dangerous trend.” WHOSpeak for “We have no idea about the health and safety implications, but we mustn’t worry about continuing to take a dose, any dose, for God’s sake please take your dose.”

GENEVA (Reuters) – The World Health Organization’s chief scientist on Monday advised against mixing and combining COVID-19 vaccines from different manufacturers, calling it a “dangerous trend” as more data is needed on health effects.

“It’s a bit of a dangerous trend here,” Soumya Swaminathan said in an online briefing. “It will be a chaotic situation in countries as citizens begin to decide when and who to take a second, third and fourth dose.”

Swaminathan called the shuffling a “data-free zone” on Monday, but the WHO clarified on Tuesday that some data was av

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Bad, bad, super-bad combos

available and more was expected.

Its strategic vaccines advisory group said in June that the Pfizer vaccine could be used as a second dose after a starting dose of AstraZeneca if that is not available.

The results of another clinical study, led by Oxford University, on the blend of AstraZeneca and Pfizer, and Moderna and Novovax vaccines, are ongoing.

“Data from mix-and-match studies of different vaccines are expected – immunogenicity and safety must both be assessed,” the WHO said in email comments.

It should be public health authorities that make decisions based on the data available, not individuals, WHO added.

Reporting by Emma Farge and John Revill; Editing by Hugh Lawson and Raissa Kasolowsky


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