February 16, 2022


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Letter: Let youngsters be youngsters — and let dad and mom do the parenting | Opinion

To the editor — My son, 14 years old and severely autistic, will be put under to have his G-tube replaced. Whenever we do this, we try to include any and all doctors who need work, ie teeth cleaning and bloodwork.

This go-around, his psychiatrist who orders blood work informed my wife that he would need to provide consent. He is non-verbal. He has no clue what consent is, or a signature … or the concept of having a choice. “Just have him sign it and you can sign it below, and we will need to see identification.”

Since when are our children given all of this power? How is giving medical freedom to a child, let alone a special-needs child, productive to society? He can also waltz in to the doctor requesting contraception, “gender reassignment” and who knows what else.

I leave you with this: Leave the parenting up to the parents, let the kids be kids and there should be no gray area. Last I checked they were our responsibility until 18 years of age.

Thanks Jay Inslee, we can hardly wait to see what’s next.

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