November 11, 2021


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Let Me Clarify the Instructions Once more

Have readers watched the Korean Netflix program Squid Game? It is a macabre look at what people pressured into extreme fear do to themselves and to those around them. Greed, wealth, bad decisions, hubris, and both bankrupt financial accounts and morals. It throws a harsh light on greed, greed for wealth, and the depths people bend into even when it means killing other people. There are also moments of kindness, caring, altruism. It is a B5687923-C622-4704-A902-AAB17FE80EB1emotional roller coaster ride of a program.

The first of the five children’s games (which have been forcibly distorted beyond recognition) is “Red Light Green Light”. In Squid Game, if you are caught moving, you will be eliminated – by a gunshot in the head. And the piggy bank begins to fill up with money – the last player standing – man or woman – will take it all.

The US version of “Kid Game” started this week. The White House reports that around 900,000 children received their first dose of Pfizer within a week. Our own CDC has just given the go-ahead for the brand new Pfizer Covid vaccine for children aged five and over. Parents rush across the field with their children, many desperate for the first dose for their children. Like so many of us years ago, they acted out of fear, habit, cardinal acceptance, and love for their children. I saw a social media screenshot on which a mother crowed that she had just forged her daughter’s birth certificate, i.e. had just turned 5 instead of 4. Maybe desperate parents will do whatever they can to keep their children safe, yes? Especially when you’ve plunged into extreme fear. If the side effects occur, heart problems, will that finally open your eyes and accept at least one yellow light?

“Let me explain the instructions again …” This simple line is recited by a pleasant female voice as each game in Squid Game is described. But now? I hear it in Anthony Fauci’s gravel pit voice. Fauci explained the instructions – vax or be eliminated. Play the game. Child’s play.

Speaking of Anthony Fauci: Robert Kennedy’s book The Real Anthony Fauci broke the top 25 on Amazon this week. Great news.


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