August 14, 2021


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Lengthy Shifts No Sympathy – AGE OF AUTISM

Give me some credit I tried to be polite after reading this tweet on our Age of Autism Twitter feed yesterday.

“A 15 our night shift. The worst pandemic of our life …” Dr.Ama.

15 hours a day is like a part-time job for most of us, right? How many pediatricians have kicked our children out? How many disparaged, disbelieved, our accounts of what happened or happened to our children? How many pediatricians have refused to listen to us, turned us away? And then went home after an 8 hour shift with nurses and administrators taking care of the basics of the job, the phones, the records, and the billing. With cleaning staff coming late at night while we are still praying, our children might stop jumping or spinning or screaming or pacing. And with a paycheck, most of us can never imagine PLUS the oohs and aahs and the admiration of everyone at the cocktail party. “Oh! DOCtor Jones? Tell me more!” My children never had a single eye test at the pediatrician. You could not access the test. My children never had a single hearing test at the pediatrician. You could not access the test. I was referred to as a REFUSER on their papers.

So excuse me, Dr. Meade, if my little violin is out of order for you. I wonder if she’s ever heard from Dr. William Thompson heard of the CDC – take a look at their cover photo on Twitter. I’m sure she’d be too tired to hear his information anyway. 15 hours. My stars and garters, what a soldier.



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