July 7, 2021


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Legislation Enforcement Groups As much as Assist Stranded Autistic Man Get Residence to Indiana from Alabama

Thanks to some compassionate law enforcement officers, a young man with autism is on his way home to Indianapolis after being tragically stranded in Alabama three states away.

23-year-old Willinaus Bolin was on his way to Florida with a group of “friends” when they unexpectedly stole the money he had made mowing the lawn and pushed him out of the car so that he could not have a phone or anything money stranded at a gas station in Montgomery.

The officers later discovered the young man and found that he had no one to come and pick him up. His father was killed during 9/11, his mother is diabetic and disabled. Willinaus has no other family to help him. So the police decided to take matters into their own hands and arrange for safe transport from Willinaus home.

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Montgomery police took Willinaus to a waffle house in Vestavia Hills, where he was picked up by local police. They tried to get him a bus or plane ticket home but couldn’t find any and decided to drive him to Fultondale instead.

Fultondale Police took the young man to Cullman County, where Deputy Dickerson bought him something to eat and drink before transporting him to Morgan County.

Sgt. Ferguson of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office drove Willinaus to the Huntsville-Browns Ferry exit on Interstate 65 to meet with Lt. Meet Flannagan of the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office. Sgt. Ferguson gave Willinaus $ 20 and wished him well for the rest of his trip.

Photo: Facebook / Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Further arrangements were made from Limestone County to help Willinaus continue his journey north through Tennessee and Kentucky and back to Indiana.

“We are delighted to be doing a small part in bringing this young man back home and we are grateful for the numerous agencies that have supported and assisted him on his journey!” Wrote the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook .

This “chain reaction of friendliness” not only brought joy to the police officers and deputies involved, but also to everyone who followed the story. And of course it brought security and comfort to Willinau, who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to stay home or anywhere in the meantime.

Thank you to everyone who helped Willinaus get home to his mother. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed!


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