Laughter and studying: Guilford Youngster Growth to open heart at Bennett | Training

Center director Wanda Young discusses student materials with NC State Senator Gladys Robinson during a tour of the Martin Dixon House Head Start / Early Head Start Center on the Bennett College campus.

Ivan Saul Cutler, News & Record special

GREENSBORO – A new partnership between the historically black school and the nonprofit Guilford Child Development will soon bring young children back to the Bennett College campus.

As the pandemic began, Bennett closed his childcare facility along with the rest of the East Greensboro campus while college students studied remotely.

This semester the campus will reopen to offer students a mix of face-to-face and distance learning. However, instead of restarting his own childcare program, Bennett has instead partnered with Guilford Child Development to run an on-campus center. Guilford Child Development provides free education to children from low-income families and those with special needs.

Gladys Robinson, a Bennett College graduate and Senator of Guilford County, helped connect the school and the nonprofit.

“For low-income children who may not have all of the options, this center is critical,” said Robinson. “If you can’t, two can do it together successfully.”

Laura Colson, Bennett’s vice president for academic affairs, said partnering with Guilford Child Development helped the college connect with the community.

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“We want people to know that they are welcome here at Bennett College,” she said. “The individuals and families they serve also reflect who we are at Bennett.”


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