July 29, 2021


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Kristen Bell’s daughter’s title is a “massive, massive bummer” proper now

When you name your child you never think that one day they will have a name with a deadly virus, then suddenly they do.

Naming your child can feel like a monumental task. Among other things, one wonders how the perception of the name could change over the years. Parents who named their daughter Karen know exactly what we mean – as do celebrity mom of two Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard. The name they chose for their youngest daughter has turned out to be a little ouch moment due to COVID-19.

In case you forgot or didn’t know, your youngest daughter has a very special name: Delta.

The name was gorgeous when the celebrity couple unveiled it in 2014 – and it still is today – but since the newest and most worrying variant of COVID-19 is being referred to as the “Delta Variation,” understandably, it sucks with the name being linked to something causing many deaths and diseases around the world.

Kristen recently spoke about her daughter’s name during an episode of her limited edition podcast We Are Supported By when her co-host Monica Padman asked her, “Can I ask you a real conversation question? What do you think about Delta being called Delta right now? “

“It’s a big, big disappointment,” replied Kristen, who is known to be quite open about her children and parenting choices. “But I really hope the Delta variant isn’t as strong as the original COVID and people are still saying ‘Corona’. I mean, it’s a shame for Corona, the beer company. “

Fortunately, Delta is still young enough and has held up enough childhood miracle just to be amazed when she sees her unique name pop up around her. “She’s six years old, so every time she sees an ad from Delta Airlines or something, she’s impressed,” Kristen continued. “She’s like, ‘Oh my god, my name!’ So every time she speaks to someone about the variant, she says ‘my name!’ “

The Frozen star joked that perhaps sharing the name of her privileged daughter, the variant is a way to take her a step further. “Maybe it’s good because your life is really simple,” joked Kristen. “She is privileged and has a lot of charisma – she is a little magic ball and therefore gets away with everything. She can either give you dog eyes or Make you laugh and therefore their life is too simple. So maybe she needs that to follow her forever. “

We’re with you, Kristen, hopefully the Delta variant doesn’t have too much of an impact on the world. And with a bit of luck there won’t be any new variants and your dog Epsilon won’t share the same fate. (Just kidding – they don’t have a dog named Epsilon.)


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