September 9, 2021


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KOFOL immunity dietary supplements trustworthy evaluate.

Hey guys, welcome back to momlifeandlifestyle. Today I’m going to talk about the KOFOL products I received. Thank you for the delivery. KOFOL is a line of Ayurvedic products that are all recommended by doctors.

It has a full range of immunity boosters and Ayurvedic cough syrup and is suitable for the whole family as it contains 100% Ayurvedic active ingredients. Charak Pharma has been a leader in this industry for 74 years and its products undergo strict quality control and are also exported to more than 35 countries.

KOFOL immunity supplements

I was more excited to try this out. Since it is monsoon season and we inevitably catch a cold that builds up a cough. This Ayurvedic cough suppressant is alcohol-free and does not make you sleepy. Best of all, this cough syrup works for both dry and wet coughs.

KOFOL immunity supplementsKOFOL immunity supplements

Gargle KOFOL:

After using it a couple of times, I felt so refreshed. It has that amazing mint taste. KOFOL Gargle is made with powerful Ayurvedic herbs that help keep germs at bay! It prevents harmful toxins and would prevent a sore throat. It is ready to use, it does not leave a bitter taste after use.

KOFOL immunity supplementKOFOL immunity supplements

KOFOL immunity tablets:

It is an immunity powerhouse that contains 8 Ayurvedic herbs and these immunity tablets are also clinically proven to increase strength and build immunity so are safe to use. Along with this, it also improves respiratory health. This would be 1 product that I would buy again.

KOFOL immunity supplementsKOFOL immunity supplements

KOFOL chewable tablet:

First things first, I loved the packaging. It comes in this little container. It’s one of the best chewable tablets I’ve ever taken. Loved the fresh mint flavor I get when I take it. It helps in relaxing the sore throat and freshening the breath. It’s a sugar-free chewable tablet.

Overall, I loved these products! What particularly struck me are its Ayurvedic properties and its many years of development. Powerful with Natural Herbs That Help Provide Overall Immunity is a Big Yes! Follow them on Instagram: @vedistryindia @charakpharms

Highly recommend this if you want something natural along with the power of natural herbs for you or your family.

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