September 9, 2021


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Kimmel: Relaxation in Peace, Wheezy.

Talk about gallows humor. Kimmel is the newest horse’s ass to openly promote discrimination against the unvaccinated and “joke” about a gasping death after being properly turned away from foster care. Kimmel’s little son had a heart operation a few years ago. Kimmel openly wept over his show. We sympathized. Jimmy Kimmel Do you understand our pain now? We know what it is like to take care of your child in the deepest corner of your soul. And to fear at any moment of the day that something might happen to US – the caretakers. Because of this, many of us have not chosen the experimental Covid vaccine for ourselves, for our children aged 12 and over, or for the full range of pediatric vaccines. Many of us have come back for personal reasons. And I know some people who have had bad bouts of Covid that required hospitalization – some think differently about the vaccine in their experience, others don’t. PERSONAL DECISIONS all around. Something that Kimmel doesn’t seem to understand in his narrow world. I don’t know anyone who can make this decision easy in healthcare, at least not in our community. We don’t make a political statement. We don’t have that luxury. Since this is Trump’s Warp Speed ​​vaccine program and Biden is the administrator, how would we choose which one? Kimmel is a horse’s ass. He preaches like he knows our lives – and to top it all, he’s part of an autism charity that raises millions of dollars for nonsense. It’s daunting and annoying. His best buddy Howard Stern is even worse. His show is non-stop Covid fear and vaccination hype. Another blow to me – I’ve been a fan for more than 30 years. Not anymore. Here is the Washington Post summary: Jimmy Kimmel suggests that hospitals should not treat unvaccinated patients who prefer ivermectin

Returning to late-night television after what he called a “strange summer,” Jimmy Kimmel stopped laughing as he reflected on Labor Day weekend when coronavirus cases rose about 300 percent in the morning Compared to the same time last year there was no vaccine.

After noting how Anthony S. Fauci, senior medical advisor to President Biden, warned that some hospitals may be forced to make “tough decisions” about who gets an intensive care bed, Kimmel quipped Tuesday that the situation is not difficult. The ABC late night host then turned its attention to unvaccinated people asking for ivermectin – a drug that has long been used to kill parasites in animals and humans, despite its unproven Covid-19 treatment, before that Health authorities have warned it has become increasingly popular to use to prevent or treat the virus.

“This choice doesn’t seem so difficult to me,” said Kimmel. “Vaccinated person has a heart attack? Yes, come in right away, we’ll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy who devoured horse dope? Rest in peace, pipe. “

Note that Kimmel has made fun of the vaccination choice in the past. This was from HuffPo in March 2015:

Jimmy Kimmel gives vaccination opponents a taste of their own medicine.


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