September 16, 2021


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Katie Wright Op-Ed on Florida MD Press Convention

By Katie Wright

Doctors press conference to complain about patients

Who do these Florida bone heads think they are?

75 DOCTORS left their patients and left the HOSPITAL to have a fit of anger in the parking lot. They are “tired”, they moaned. You “don’t want people to die”, wrong job. Why didn’t the unvaccinated “just do what we told them”? To all of these self-pitying, unprofessional doctors, I tell you, grow up. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop acting like a victim
because you work hard in your chosen profession. Second, I would like to know who made these pompous people believe they were God. Since when does a doctor have the right not to see a person because the doctor does not like his life choices?

What a bunch of babies! With absolutely no hard data, the doctors claim that unvaccinated Covid patients “overflow our hospital!” Statistics on the vaccination status of these patients are not offered to the reader. Coincidentally, another Florida hospital today admitted that 7 patients had recently died of Covid – all of them were vaccinated!

Unvaccinated patients are portrayed as incredibly selfish stupid people who didn’t do what the doctor told them to! Not one doctor addressed patients’ concerns about vaccine safety, previous severe adverse vaccine reactions, or chronic illnesses that could prevent vaccination. Oh no! Way too busy making a judgment!

I am a licensed therapist. In the 1990s I did an internship in a psychiatric clinic. I saw a lot of patients with AIDS. Those were the days when you were diagnosed with HIV and often died within a year. By the 1990s, unsafe sex and sharing IV needles were known to be the most common ways of contracting HIV. All of my HIV + clients developed AIDS because they did not use condoms. Should I have shamed my young male customers and taught him, “I’m tired of treating people like you! You don’t have to have HIV! It was your choice and I’m tired and frustrated! ”

People in the helping professions should withhold their judgment and treat all patients with compassion … .. certainly not hold press conferences to complain about their decisions. What if these young men with AIDS had gone to this Florida hospital? Would a bunch of doctors run into the parking lot and loudly blame AIDS patients for their own illnesses? If these were the same
Doctors whine like babies that they are “too tired”! “Having to treat people who didn’t have to go to hospital”. Should overworked doctors in the hospital refuse medical care?

Maybe this crew would have!

What about smokers, addicts, and obese people? They are largely responsible for their chronic illnesses. Should hospital staff shame obese people and then scold and groan the media for having to treat these patients? And what about the vaccinated people who died of Covid?

How can these doctors somehow STILL blame the patient?

What is going on here? Hysterical anger towards people who literally did nothing. Nothing,
except refuse medical intervention.

If the medical community wants the public to trust them, they must stop public punishment from
the unvaccinated. Try to listen respectfully to their concerns. Take their side effects
Serious. Actually report side effects from VAERS. Be professional and don’t act as moral
Decisions of the referee or the patient.

And whatever you do, DO NOT hold a press conference to complain about your patients.


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