September 28, 2021


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James Lyons-Weiler PhD Why Is Off-Label Off Limits for COVID-19

Note: Can you think of any other serious diagnosis where ZERO mainstream treatments are allowed? Where is an effective treatment thrown overboard? Where doctors are put on a witch hunt and patients are confronted with ridicule and contempt for wanting to improve? Well, we can’t do that either.

Who are the world’s leading authorities in treating COVID-19? The “medicine” of public health is to go home and wait until you get sick (no treatment protocol). It’s totally unethical.

James Lyons Hamlet, PhD – 09/27/2021

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mantra was “flatten the curve”. I had already done simulations that showed that given the epidemiological parameters of COVID-19, especially its R0, a multimodal approach would be needed to bring the number of new cases down to a non-frightening level. “A low hum,” I called it, and one of the things I modeled was the treatment.

I did this when we were told that the death rate for people with comorbid conditions like diabetes is around 20%. It was also before the number of cases was contaminated with data, including false positives and “suspected COVID” cases, where doctors overrated negative tests or made a diagnosis of COVID-19 without a confirmatory test. This was before the CDC made the fatal mistake of mixing “PCR positive” with “COVID-19” and the equally unscientific “Died with = Died From”. Given our intended success in continuing a grand jury investigation in Oregon into the CDC’s failure to follow protocols to change diagnostic and reporting criteria, there will almost certainly be a reckoning on this point.

By now, on 9/27/2021, everyone has heard of ivermectin, in large part because of Joe Rogan’s use of the FDA-cleared drug, and hydroxychloroquine, in large part because of his support from Donald Trump’s support for the FDA-approved drugs and theirs subsequent politicization. The fact is that these treatments, like others, have been found effective through the first step in science – observation. In the US, off-label use is allowed for a potentially fatal condition when a standard of care does not exist. People like Dr. Peter McCollough and Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik used the observation to come to the conclusion that perhaps certain treatment approaches could save lives, they acted. There was no standard of care; Realizing that there was no approved drug to treat COVID-19, they appropriately reported their own results and those of others. Read the detailed article here.


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