Introducing Our New And Improved Parenting Assortment In White Plains Public Library

November 9, 2021

As parents, one of our most difficult tasks is to talk to our children about certain challenging topics. Books are a fantastic way to stimulate this type of discussion and provide valuable life lessons for our children. We recently reorganized and freshened up our parents’ collection. Now these books are even easier to find!

Our parents’ collection is now close to our non-fiction book collection behind our reference desk. It is divided into two sections: one with books for you as parents and one with books for children and parents to read together.

Parent books are organized using the Dewey decimal system as they always have been. The topics cover a variety of aspects of child rearing: pregnancy and childbirth, nutrition, sleep, special needs, homeschooling, etc. Any librarian can help you find what you need.

The biggest change you will notice is the section where kids can read with their parents. Books are now organized by category, making it easier for you to find relevant books for a particular issue. Are you tackling the dreaded potty? We have a section for this. Is a new baby coming? We’ll cover you.

Find books on the following topics:

  • Brain & Body: Books on neurodiversity, the physical body and mindfulness
  • COVID: Resources for Dealing With COVID Stressors and Practicing Mask Wearing
  • Family disease: books to help when family members are (mentally or physically) sick
  • Family Types: Stories about all types of families including adoptive families, LGBTQ +, divorced, conceived donors, etc.
  • Feelings: Resources for dealing with different feelings and emotions
  • Grief: Resources for Dealing with the Death of a Loved One or Pet
  • Maturation: Books on growing up, including taking off binkies, blankets, etc.
  • New Baby: Pregnancy, Infant, and Sibling Relationship Resources
  • New Places: Books about moving and going to places like a new school
  • Potty: books for successful potty training
  • Safety: Resources on safety, dealing with tragedy, and protecting your own body
  • Socialization: books on dealing with others, listening, good manners, problems with bullying, and other social issues

This press release was produced by the White Plains Public Library. The views expressed are the author’s own views.


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