November 28, 2021


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In Thanksgiving – AGE OF AUTISM

Posted by Cathy Jameson

I had a completely different post prepared and ready to send it to Kim this weekend. Halfway home from our Thanksgiving vacation, I thought I’d better keep this Sunday’s post about the last holiday we celebrated. Our vacation was good from start to finish! It was also stressful, long and absolutely exhausting. Oh the stories I could tell you about Ronan traveling like a champ but barely sleeping! But that’s for another day. For today I wanted to continue to say thank you.

Because of the people we met on the way, our vacation was actually very good.

Because of her patience with Ronan, we were encouraged.

We were grateful for her understanding of the great needs he has.

Because of their desire to serve others, we were all very well cared for.

And these are just the strangers we met on the way!

Ronan fly

To everyone who saw Ronan and gave him the time and help he needed, thank you.

For the porters, flight attendants and the crew in the planes and on the ferry who treated Ronan with respect, our world is better thanks to you.

To the special people who entertained us and showered us with kindness and generosity and who filled our bellies with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, thank you!

For the extended family who came to us that evening, what a gift to spend time with you.

To the friends we were allowed to see, if only for a few hours, thank you very much for the great conversations and the opportunity to laugh out happily.

To the family and friends who we haven’t seen, but who stayed in contact with us via SMS, email and Facetime during our absence, we missed you! We love you! We always thank you for being part of our crazy, busy life.

To those who read this, the freedom fighters and the believers, thank you for coming back daily to read the news and share your thoughts on what is going on out there in the world. I find such strength in this community, strength to go on, even (and especially) when life is crazy and busy and so very tiring. We have been coming here for years to learn, exchange ideas and, above all, to help one another. Help comes in all forms – useful links, words of encouragement, and a promise to never give up. We have been able to be brutally honest about what happened to our children. We have had countless conversations about hot topics that other communities would not dare to. Together I think we helped make a difference. It was amazing to see and I’m so grateful for that.

At the end of a busy and very good week, I hope that your Thanksgiving was good too. Hope you found some time to refresh your soul. I hope that with all that may have happened, you also had some moments of calm. Life can be so much better when there is peace.

Cathy Jameson is co-editor for Age of Autism.


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