September 21, 2021


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How We Outsmarted Mark Zuckerberg

Injured by the device you tried to use to hurt others.

The WSJ is only a paid subscription. You can see the intro and if you click on the link you can listen to the opening of the series. The point is well done below. All bow down.


By Jonathan Rose

Last week the Wall Street Journal published a five-part exposé on Facebook based on internal reports and documents from the company. Among other things, the WSJ revealed that corporate executives knew well that Instagram could be addicting and psychologically harmful to young people, especially teenage girls.

But AoA readers will be especially interested to learn that this gigantic $ 1 trillion company has gone to great lengths to stifle any critical review of vaccines – and has failed. Although Zuckerberg has occasionally offered half-hearted defenses of free speech, he never intended to extend that right to “antivaxxers”. But despite commanding a vast army of human and algorithmic censors, far more technologically advanced than anything George Orwell had imagined, Facebook lost to a ragged guerrilla army of amateurs (i.e. us). In the ideas market, “misinformation” (ie timely warnings) has attracted almost four times as many views as “authoritative information” (ie misinformation). Facebook executives were amazed and angry that the machine they created actually did what it was designed to do: allow ordinary people around the world to communicate freely with one another.

How Facebook blocked Mark Zuckerberg’s offer to get America vaccinated

Company documents show anti-vaccine activists undermined the CEO’s ambition to support the rollout by flooding the website and using Facebook’s own tools to sow doubts about the Covid-19 vaccine

In mid-March, Mark Zuckerberg announced an ambitious and personal goal on his Facebook page. He wanted his company to use his formidable resources to push 50 million people to get Covid-19 vaccines.

In a post and press release, the CEO discussed Facebook Inc.’s initiatives to promote vaccines. He revealed collaborations with global health organizations. And he announced that his company has “already connected more than 2 billion people to authorities”.


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