September 28, 2021


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How Johnson & Johnson Created a Tradition that Holistically Helps Working Mother and father

From working remotely to office return appointments, balancing childcare responsibilities, and returning young children to classrooms, working parents have shown great resilience that has adapted to changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. At Johnson & Johnson, we strive to support our employees and their families physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially so that they can do their best at work and at home. Because we know that when our employees are successful, they can do their best at work and our organization to continue our commitment to better health for all.

At the beginning of this year, I couldn’t have imagined that we would still have to live through the effects of the pandemic through the 2022 workforce. From developing our flexible work environment to improving our digital mental health tools, Johnson & Johnson has focused over the past year on the details that address immediate needs, enabling long-term success and support for its employees, including working parents .

Strengthening a sustainable flexible work environment

At Johnson & Johnson, we’ve long been committed to policies that allow our employees the flexibility to balance personal and professional responsibilities. In the face of a global pandemic, we have lived up to our obligation and have integrated more flexibility in terms of working time, location and form in order to enable an open dialogue about the changing working time needs of employees, especially working parents.

The need to provide flexibility to support the health of our employees and their families has never been more important. In order to meet these requirements, we have further developed our hybrid model to provide a framework for flexibility that helps all of our employees to balance their personal and professional responsibilities. Especially for working parents, our progressive services, including generous parental leave worldwide, needy care and local day-care centers, enable parents to organize their working hours flexibly.

Mental wellbeing beyond a global pandemic

Promoting the overall health of our employees has always been one of our top priorities. We continue to create an environment where our employees and their families have access to an ecosystem of resources that will help them proactively build resilience, manage stress and anxiety, and develop skills to adapt and thrive amid change, whatever during the pandemic.

Through updates to our digital health platform and access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and WorkLife Services, as well as new mental wellbeing training, we train and empower employees and their families to prioritize their mental wellbeing and support their colleagues in doing so.

In addition to tools and resources, our culture is important to support mental wellbeing. Johnson & Johnson Mental Health Diplomats, part of our Alliance for Diverse Abilities Employee Resource Group (ERG), are committed to making every employee in our organization feel who they are and where they are, and to provide support mental illness in the workplace and resources to promote our mental wellbeing.

We know spiritual wellbeing enables better lives, stronger communities, and a stronger Johnson & Johnson. We continue to foster an environment where our mental wellbeing is just as important as our physical wellbeing, and we encourage our employees to support one another throughout their lives.

Our efforts have impacted thousands of Johnson & Johnson employees and their families. By continuing to provide comprehensive wellbeing support, we can ensure that our employees can do their best for their colleagues, families and communities, and enable us to continue our mission to change the path of human health.


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