November 20, 2021


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How Do You Handle the Holidays After Hardship?

The winter holidays can be difficult for people who are struggling in their personal lives. The forced cheer, the standard cheerfulness, the assumption that families are gathering – all of these traits of the coming month can be especially challenging after you’ve experienced a loss or tragedy.

An author’s advice? “Don’t take the holidays sitting down,” suggested Hanna Ingber in an essay about preparing for the season after the divorce. Many readers commented and shared their own strategies for getting through the holidays:

Freshly divorced, I celebrate holidays (starting every birthday after 60) by doing something physically challenging, then toasting my accomplishments with a friend or two. This year I will be hiking 12 miles up and down a mountain on Christmas Day. – A reader in North Carolina

As a widow with an adult child who is not currently speaking to me, I always plan in advance for this difficult time knowing that sadness is inevitable but do what I can to take care of myself. My plans include: avoiding social media as much as possible, spending a lot of time outdoors with my dogs and maybe another widow, and getting out of town, if only for a day, to look at another horizon. – A reader in Atlanta

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