Households categorical frustration with Madison’s Okay-5 on-line studying possibility | Native Schooling

Some Madison School District elementary school parents are frustrated with the introduction of a last minute online learning option for younger learners after teachers have been mixed, causing some classes to grow and others to shrink.

Molly Ruder, parents of a Lapham elementary school student, said she received an email from the district on Friday night, a week after class started, saying that her son’s class would change. His class, she said, increased from 13 students to 24 students after a teacher was relocated to accommodate students who opted for online-only learning.

Ruder said she feared the risk of contracting COVID-19 for students whose classes have grown will increase due to the crowded classrooms.

“The (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) said that face-to-face learning comes first and it absolutely does not prioritize face-to-face learning when class size doubles, and this limits the ability to do hands-on learning and learning in conduct small groups if you have one teacher for 24 students; It actually deprives more students of the right to vote, ”she told a Madison School committee meeting Monday night.

The district has reassigned 19 elementary school teachers to teach only online, said Carlettra Stanford, director of Madison elementary schools. The directors of buildings first asked for volunteers to move to online-only learning and then assigned the remaining teachers, she said.


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