July 20, 2021


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Household Pleads for Assist for Autistic Boy Who Is Devastated With out His Misplaced Nintendo Swap

The family of a young boy with autism is hoping someone will call on the boy’s Nintendo Switch after he lost him a few days ago.

Eight-year-old James Gillet is believed to have lost the toy in the beach or along the canal in the small town of Bootle in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, Merseyside, England. He and his family were there over the weekend, walking down the canal and shopping at a nearby mall, and where they think he’ll have to drop it.

Photo: Adobe Stock / Mochimochi

He’s been devastated since he lost it as it’s more than just a game to him; it helps him cope with his fear and he takes it everywhere.

The game console was in a red Super Mario case last time. Inside the case was also a green Minecraft bag with some of his Switch games, including his all-dearest Minecraft.

James’ Nan Tracy Smith is now asking anyone who comes across the device to hand it over to the Merseyside Police Department or an employee of the local mall.

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“James is lost without his switch; it’s a big deal and it has a huge impact on him, ”she says. “It helps with his fear and keeps him relaxed. He takes it everywhere. He hasn’t stopped crying. “

James’ family hopes that the Nintendo Switch will be found and handed over by a good Samaritan.

Photo: Adobe Stock / KevinAndrs

“We’d be made up – I’d cry,” says Tracy of her reaction if someone gave the device over. “I would be happy, really. I would be so grateful if someone gave it up. There are good people in the world – I just hope it’s a good person who finds the Switch. Without her he is just so lost. “

Of course, many people won’t realize that this game console could be more than just a toy for James. But for people with the autism spectrum, who often have special possessions that they cherish or are obsessed with, a toy can be a lot more than it seems. We hope that James will get his Nintendo Switch back soon!


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