August 30, 2021


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Household of educators shares their love for instructing | Schooling

Murschel didn’t always plan to become a kindergarten teacher when she led swimming lessons.

“A mother came up to me and said you are a real teacher, and I said no, I’m going to physiotherapy, and she said I think you have to change your mind,” said Murschel.

Tess Hörz is a new teacher, just two years old, but is still learning to deal with problems that arise.

“You stand on tiptoe and sometimes the technique doesn’t work, a lesson doesn’t go as planned and you have to be really quick on your feet and think about how I can change my thinking to help them learn,” said Tess.

Her parents are there when she needs advice.

“When you have problems with a student, they have different strategies about what has worked for them in the past and different approaches,” said Hoherz.

The question remains whether the teaching tradition will be continued in the years to come.

“Education will be in our family for a long time because our girls are in training. It’s just something that has been a part of us for 35 years, ”said Mary.

“I have a daughter, she has only just become one. I hope she follows in my footsteps, but I won’t force her, ”said Murschel.


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