October 21, 2021


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HHS Says Kole Is aware of – AGE OF AUTISM

HHS has been tweeting some pretty stupid information lately. For example, they tweeted the story of a young mother who had Covid – and told her horror story of how terrible it was. Fortunately, she was recovering from a long hospital stay. The lovely lady was also morbidly obese – and the CDC says obesity is a high risk factor for a serious case of Covid. Below is the tweet they sent out yesterday telling us to listen to Kole, a husband and father (what are we, chopped liver?) Who is telling us for sure that Covid is certainly WORSE than any side effects from Covid vaccinations. You can read my tweeted response, which I assume no one saw because we are wrapped in Twitter like naked ladies on stage in the 1950s. The good is not visible. Trained, knowledgeable doctors with decades of experience and success in treating Covid are being censored and scourged, but Kole? Ole King Kole is a very clever soul.



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