January 7, 2022


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Hero to Zero in Australia

How quickly the tide turned against the Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic. It is an immigration detention center in the former penal colony, now Covid penal colony, known as Australia. Two years ago he was a hero donating $ 25,000 to the victims of the fires in Australia. Today?

Novak Djokovic spent a day at an immigration detention hotel waiting for a court ruling and the prospect of deportation from Australia over an issue with his visa application related to COVID-19 vaccination regulations.

The 20-time major champion from Serbia will spend at least one more night in custody, probably even the weekend, with his chances of playing in the balance at the Australian Open this month.

With his visa canceled by Australian Border Force officials who rejected his evidence in support of a medical exception to the country’s strict COVID-19 vaccination regulations, Djokovic was forced to swap practice courts for courts on Thursday.


This sneaky, malicious treatment can, and maybe will, happen to you. Check out healthcare professionals thrown away like yesterday’s bath water. Your valid reason does not matter. Medical. Philosophical. Religious. Natural immunity. Worry about side effects. Common sense. Past history. Friends, colleagues, and family (current and former, including the father of my own daughters) can suddenly become rabid Vaxxers, viewing you as a dangerous, unpatriotic enemy. Try to force you to make decisions for yourself and your children that you do not want to make. This is how wars begin. The righteous versus the dangerous. Blinded by dogmas and mass education psychoses.



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