April 19, 2022


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He went lacking. Quick tales on psychological well being

He went missing. Short stories on mental health is a story about a pregnant lady when her husband went missing.

“I am 7 months pregnant when my husband and his friends went on a trekking adventure. Hey loves trekking! Even I was ok with it as to why would someone say no to someone whom they love, right?”

He promised me, he would return soon as soon as he finishes his adventure. It was a week-long trip along with his friends.

“A week we got news saying, my husband went missing! He was lost during a trek on a mountain area and was nowhere to be found.” “I was devastated! Like my whole world just slipped off under my feet. I was hopeless and uncontrollably weeping for hours and hours and hours.”

He went missing. Short stories on mental health

“I was pregnant and crying. All around me were controlling their feeling just so they could be strong just to make me strong. But the situation was just out of our hands. I gave birth in the 7th month and it was a boy.”

He looks the same as my husband. I was not in a good mental state during my child’s birth and after the birth. Long story cut short, my family was always there by my side and I came out of it (not completely but yes, I have a kid to look after)

After 20 years: He went missing. Short stories on mental health

Our life continues with the memories and love that I shared with my husband for a few years he was with me. I have an amazing son, studying for his Master’s and doing well in life. I guess we all need a little hope to come out of the worst situations and fact the world to be happy again.

This is a simple fiction story about how small things matter for mental health. How family and hope come to rescue us from being further drowning in depression.

In this series, I would write about more such fiction stories in which small elements would help the character into a better state of mind.

He went missing.  Short stories on mental healthHe went missing. Short stories on mental health

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