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Handmade Artisan Presents For Beneath $30

Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year, but it’s not easy or cheap, especially considering the pressures and costs, of finding a unique Christmas present for everyone on your list.

But handmade arts and crafts gifts from The Greater Good Store alleviate this seasonal stress with sensible fair trade gifts that are also easy on your wallet! Aside from giving gifts to loved ones that can’t be found in larger stores, these fair trade gifts will support your choice and help a craftsman provide for their family.

Handmade artisan gifts for under $ 30

Photo: Owl Ornaments

Holiday Owl Ornaments

$ 29.95

These adorable owl ornaments were made by Margarita and Martha, a mother-daughter team from Lima, Peru. In addition to the new use of pumpkins, the creative couple also creates well-paid work for other women. A cute way to support Peruvian artisans and spread festive cheer this holiday.

Photo: Beauty Spiral sterling silver earrings

Winged Beauty Spiral Earrings in Sterling Silver

$ 29.95

Birds of a feather flock together, and these winged sterling silver earrings are a special way to show friends how much you care. This unique jewelry was handcrafted by Bali’s Nyoman Rena, whose Ubud workshop employs 12 artisans who help him make sterling silver jewelry using hammers, stoves, chisels and other manual tools.

Photo: Checks Checked wrap scarf made of viscose blend in Crimson from India

Crimson Checks checkered wrap scarf made of viscose blend in Crimson from India

$ 18.95

This festive plaid wrap scarf was handcrafted by the Dane Ansari, an Indian craftsman from a long weaving family who learned this traditional craft from his father. “We work on both the powerloom and the handloom, and the yarns we use are cotton, viscose, wool and silk,” says Ansari, who runs a workshop with his father. “Most of the designs come from my father’s many years of experience, and we are also inspired by traditional design.”

Photo: Heart Alebrije-Style wooden heart key ring

Cherry heart alebrije style wooden heart keychain

$ 23.95

This heart keychain was carved and painted by Claudio Ojeda, a Mexican artisan who learned from his mother how to make alebrijes, also known as traditional hand-painted Mexican folk art. Today, Ojeda and his mother still work side by side in Oaxaca, Mexico, the birthplace of the copalwood alebrije art.

Photo: Truth and Prayer Shambhala bracelet

Truth and Prayer Shambhala Bracelet

$ 23.99

This handmade macrame bracelet was handcrafted by female artisans in rural northern India where women don’t have many opportunities to work. Made from lapis lazuli beads (which are believed to represent the truth in ancient Egypt and also the September birthstone), this adjustable, one-size-fits-all bracelet will make a meaningful gift for any woman on your list.

Photo: Nature in Jade Natural Leaf Silver earrings

Breathtaking Nature in Jade Natural Silver Leaf Earrings

$ 26.95

These stunning jade leaf earrings are the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life. These unique earrings were made by artisans from Northern Thailand and are made from pressed rubber tree leaves that have been preserved with resin and jade. “This new company has added flavor to my life,” said Danai Leosawathiphong, an engineer who developed these designs with his wife, Ilkay. “It was one of our main goals from the start to employ women, as there were few vacancies for women at the time. Another main goal was the environment. “

Photo: Festivities Ceramic tequila decanter

Floral festivities Ceramic tequila decanter

$ 27.95

This tequila decanter is a must have for every cocktail enthusiast in your life. This colorful decanter is handcrafted in Mexico by Armando Sobreyra, a Mexican artisan inspired by the centuries-old Talavera ceramic tradition. “The most important thing for me is the respect and admiration that we have in our hearts for every single employee who works with us,” said Sobreyra.

Photo: Forest Labradorite Silver Ring

Magnificent forest labradorite silver ring

$ 29.95

This sterling silver and labradorite ring was handcrafted by Wayan Buana, a Balinese artisan who began making sterling silver jewelry as a teenager to help his parents care for their large family. As a husband and father with their own workshop, Buana’s unique designs are influenced by tradition and nature. “Most of my designs are influenced by Balinese traditions and also by the natural beauty of the island,” said Buana.

Photo: Elephant Embroidered blue shoulder bag

Shoulder bag with blue lucky elephant embroidery

$ 27.95

These happy elephant shoulder bags are handcrafted by Jiap Rojjana, a Thai artisan who turned her hobby into a sideline to supplement her husband’s income. “My husband’s business was not doing well due to an economic crisis and the cost of living rose,” recalls the craftsman. But within a few years, Jiap’s handicrafts were so popular that she is now the family breadwinner. Not only does this stylish shoulder bag help a craftswoman support her family, it is also embroidered with a hand-painted white elephant, a Thai symbol of good luck.

Photo: Dolls Share the love ornaments

Worry dolls share the love ornaments

$ 29.95

It’s been a hell of a year which is why traditional Guatemalan care dolls make great gifts for almost anyone on your list. This set of 6 was made by the Lopez Garcia family, whose generations of women make quitapena or “worry dolls” according to local tradition. “The idea is to trust each doll with whatever is on your mind,” said artisan Ana Lopez Garcia. “They say that at night, while we sleep, the dolls whisper the solution to our problems.”

Photo: Handmade Paper Diary

Sparrow’s handmade paper diary

$ 19.95

This adorable diary was handcrafted by Asha Prabha, an Indian artisan from Delhi, who used her expertise in embroidery and cross stitch to open a craft workshop that is now creating work for other Indian women. This handmade diary consists of 48 pages of handmade paper, olive-green cotton trimmings and luminous screen-printed sparrows on the cover. Makes a great gift for writers, artists, musicians, and craftsmen.

Photo: Joy Cluster earrings

Thai Joy Cluster Earrings

$ 25.99

Thailand’s myriad of gemstones inspired Nareerat Tansuwansophon, also known as Lek, to start making jewelry after giving birth to their children. Meanwhile, Lek’s gemstone designs are so successful that she can do part-time work for 20 other women. Sweet cluster earrings made of cool aquamarine, colored quartz, peridot and faceted glass beads are just one of many eye-catching designs from Lek – and a sensible gift for anyone who likes to make a statement. Colors and stones can vary.

Photo: Belle Layered Necklace

Songkran Belle layered necklace

$ 24.99

This beautiful layered necklace was handcrafted in Thailand by Sumalee Nawakul, an artisan who designs jewelry made from boxwood. Nawakul, who came from a gardening family, decided to upgrade the shrub’s tiny pearls into bold jewelry after noticing them in Bangkok. “I started with half a kilo of wooden beads and started threading necklaces by hand,” said Nawakul, who started selling her designs in Thai street markets. “My necklaces caught the attention of tourists who liked them because they were affordable, light and beautiful.”

Photo: Turtle Handcrafted bronze sculpture

Handmade bronze sculpture of the green turtle

$ 29.95

This handmade bronze turtle with floral motif and antique finish is a charming gift for gardeners. After starting work at a young age to support his family, Balinese artisan Adi Noviantara designs and makes bronze and brass sculptures to promote and sustain Balinese culture. As a father with three children of his own, the craftsman still works with his mother, who taught her youngest son the value of hard work.

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