February 25, 2022


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Guilford board votes to separate Claxton Elementary college students up subsequent fall | Schooling

GREENSBORO — Claxton Elementary students will attend two different schools next fall and the year after while construction of their new building is taking place.

The Guilford County Board of Education unanimously approved the relocation plan during Thursday’s work session.

Under the plan, Claxton’s kindergarten through third-grade classes and special needs classes will relocate to Jesse Wharton Elementary for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years. Fourth and fifth-grade classes will attend Kernodle Middle School during the same time period.

Prior to the vote, some school board members voiced concerns about how adding students at Jesse Wharton might contribute to traffic backing up on the roads around the school.

“It’s already a disaster,” board member Anita Sharpe said.

District administrators agreed that traffic around Jesse Wharton is a problem and something they are trying to figure out how to improve.

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They pointed out, however, that the Claxton students would be on a staggered schedule. That’s necessary to allow students of different ages to be picked up at both Jesse Wharton and Kernodle. It would also mean that Claxton students at Jesse Wharton won’t be getting out at the same time as the Jesse Wharton students.


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