July 20, 2021


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Greatest Insulated Meals Containers for Faculty

Lunchtime is a long way from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a box of raisins. Today’s children can use today’s insulating glasses to enjoy soups, leftovers and delicious meals from home warm and tasty for their lunch. These colorful containers keep their nutritious meals fresher so your kids actually eat the meals you packed for their lunch.

Wide neck selection

This wide neck food jar is easy to fill with healthy snacks and easy to eat. This insulated food jar with sea motifs is made of stainless steel for long-lasting heat storage and a long service life. There are other cute designs and geometric patterns as well. All of these glasses keep cold dishes cool for up to seven hours and hot dishes warm and roasted for up to five hours. There’s a handy folding spoon in the lid so you don’t have to worry about packing (or forgetting) one.

The perfect size

If you’re packing hot soups or stews, it’s great if you don’t have to worry about leaks or spills in the lunch box or book bag. Let your child enjoy healthy snacks that are served as you prepared them. With improved technology, this insulated food container can keep your food hot or cool for up to 12 hours. This insulated food container is equipped with a copper-coated double-walled stainless steel insulation and also has two lids. The attractive, food-safe, cyan-colored 16-ounce glass has a wide opening and a spoon for snacking at any time.

Sweatproof choice

This stainless steel lunch container is not only leak-proof, but also does not sweat or dampen paper bags or lunch boxes. At lunchtime, picnics, parties, these versatile insulating boxes for children keep your food at the temperature it should be for up to half a day. So it’s a perfect choice for post-school and pre-workout snacks. Let your children pour their soups and pasta into the outer lid, which doubles as a bowl. The sun yellow 16 ounce thermos is also available in bright blue and black.

Durable construction

Just like the previously popular McDonalds Mc DLT, you can keep the hot sides hot and the cold sides cool. Offer your kids nutritious snacks and meals with this dynamic duo of insulated food cans. Pack their favorite meals for school lunch, dinner and practice so your kids have the energy to get through their action-packed days. With a 14- and 17-ounce food jar plus a foldable spoon, it’s a step in the right direction to keep kids away from fast food and less healthy foods. Plus, the non-slip silicone base helps keep the meal glass in place while your kids enjoy their meals. A definite plus for preventing clutter.


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