June 21, 2021


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Greatest Get together Favors for Children

Throwing a party for kids can and should be fun. Your little one won’t stay small forever, so make the most of this time and make their party memorable with something imaginative and creative. You will look back on those times and smile later.

Children can crush them in their hands over and over again, a sensory activity that is not only good for children but also fun. It is said that this action relieves anxiety in children like a stress ball. Party favors don’t always have to be sweets. Sometimes an engaging activity is even better. You can add these little animal squishies to your party bags or just hand them out on their own for a play activity. Either way, the kids will love the squishies.

It’s a delicious candy jewel to wear while you eat. Most of us are familiar with ring pops, the candy that combines fun with fashion and taste. Children love to dress up and these oversized jewels give them plenty of options. The iconic delicacy is more popular with children than ever before. It’s just hard to decide which is more fun – play with them or eat them? Fortunately, you don’t have to choose. You can do both!

Why choose when you can try them all? If you’re looking for a change of pace for your party favors, now is the time to stop looking. This 44-piece assortment offers you everything. From squishy toys to puzzles, this treasure chest of goodies is great for filling party bags with entertainment. We like to know that these toys are safe and non-toxic.

Children will love these mini bubble sticks, which are specially designed for small hands. Everyone loves blowing bubbles. Your birthday boy and all of her friends will love to be preoccupied with the thrill of blowing and popping those iridescent bubbles with their wands. You don’t have to worry about the soap burning. These wands are non-toxic and contain soap that is safe for the skin and face of children. You will love watching the bubbles that make them float higher and higher and you will love seeing their delight.

It feels like a day in carnival. This 200 piece assortment contains 30 different types of carnival toys that are great for filling party bags for your children. So many toys, so many options. Whether you’re throwing a big party or just doing a big favor, this is the mother’s burden you need. There are 30 different carnival toys including bouncy balls, paddle drums, yo-yo balls, bar pipes, retreat cars, rainbow feathers, and more to fill your favorite pockets.


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