June 17, 2021


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Greatest Butterfly Kits for Youngsters

There are many fascinating facts about butterflies. For example, did you know that the butterfly’s brain is not in its head? It’s in the rib cage – the next part of the body down. And despite its delicate characteristics, the monarch butterfly can migrate up to 5,000 miles each year to find its winter home. One of the best ways to learn about these unique insects is through direct observation. Children and adults alike are delighted when they watch these creatures develop from caterpillars to full-fledged butterflies.

We’ve found that these kids butterfly sets encourage appreciation for nature and cleverly disguise learning as fun. You might even spawn a future entomologist. Grab one of these kits and let the fascination rise.

Pop-up living space

Give this gift any time of the year and when you’re ready, send in the enclosed voucher for five living caterpillars. The pop-up mesh environment keeps the butterflies enclosed and safe. Together with the complete instructions and the feeding pipette, the voucher entitles you to five caterpillars, food and a cute doll-holding.

Painted ladies

Hang the garden outdoors or by a partially sunny indoor window in warm weather. This 12 inch high mesh cage is ideal for all types of butterflies and beetles. We like that when you order your butterflies, you grow beautiful orange-brown Painted Lady butterflies. Caring for these insects is easy: just follow the instructions for use and care provided and enjoy the transformation right in front of your children.

Enjoy a mini garden all year round

Give your garden wings with this butterfly terrarium. This kit contains everything you need including two grain seeds – wheatgrass and chia – some potting soil, stones and lots of decorations. There are sparkling stickers, large butterfly wings, feathery butterflies, and a large plastic jar with a vented lid to keep all the fun in. We love how you can also see the seeds come to life and turn into plants. Go ahead and add other small seeds or tiny insects to your year-round garden.

Spacious accommodations

With the complete set you can watch one of the most amazing transformations of nature. This better habitat for butterflies provides your “pets” with a spacious condo cage. The specially developed base has a sponge pad that keeps the housing moist. We appreciate the magnifying glass that comes with it so we can review any changes. Submit the coupon to receive your 4-6 eggs and follow the magic.

Everything you need

Did you know that a butterfly’s heart is as long as its body? This is just one of the many things your kids will learn from this kit. We love the STEM study, journaling, and painting activities (yes that’s science, technology, engineering, and math) that talk about the butterfly’s life cycle. Watch as your caterpillars become pupae on the tree trunk doll in front of your eyes. Wait a few days and then experience that rewarding moment as you dump and release your newly transformed butterflies into your garden.


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