November 26, 2021


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Govt tasked with improved medicare, inclusive schooling for kids with down syndrome

Governments at all levels have been urged to improve medical care and promote inclusive education for children with Down syndrome or developmental disabilities.

This advice was given by a number of guests, including policy makers, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and sports administrators, during the publication of a book entitled “The Resolute Father: Lessons from My Journey with My Autistic Son” in Lagos on Thursday.

The book, written by the founder / CEO CA Consultants, Engr. Charles Akindayomi recorded his journey of discovery, time and money sacrifices, challenges and sacrifices for the love of his autistic son Akinyele.

Speaking at the forum, the author and former president of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Nigeria urged the government to raise medical standards for local children with Down syndrome, adding that the agency should also be interested in their education .

In confirmation of Akindayomi, former Ogun state governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel, who is also chairing the book launch, urged the government to continue looking at ways to improve medical care in the country to curb medical tourism overseas.

From what the book said, he said, “What we have learned today is the love that parents have for their children. The second thing is that no child has no innate talent and that disabilities are actually an asset.

“Your autistic child went very well to be very brilliant,” said Daniel

Panelists on a Child with Down Syndrome, a board member of Special Olympics Nigeria, Mr. Misan Eresanara, Autism Father and Consultative Neurologist, Royal Cross Medical Center, Lagos, Dr. Seyi Roberts, Autism Mom and Founder of the George Kerry Life Foundation, Dr. Matilda Kerry and Pediatrician Neurodevelopment Consultant Professor Afolabi Lesi shared their experiences and called on the government to improve medical care in the country.

Channel Television chairman John Momoh, who is also the chief starter, praised the author for the insight.

Momoh pointed out that not only were Akinyele’s parents determined, but that the boy was determined too. “Akinyele has spent most of his life battling prejudice and a condition that is often detrimental in our society,” he said.

Recounting his trip with his autistic son, Akindayomi said that he and his wife didn’t know Yinka until three years after the boy was born.

He said, “Then we find out that something is wrong and that he’s not developing like any other child. We know we have to go to the doctors and see. Autism itself or developmental disorders are not easy to come by for doctors. You have to go through various tests so we did this and they couldn’t diagnose what the exact problem was.

“We have to take the child to the United Kingdom because they have a fantastic range of diagnostic centers there. We got it tested and found it was autism. There is no cure for autism, but what they said was we just need to find a way to deal with it. That is why you can find children with intellectual disabilities or challenges who have special needs. “


NOT CORRECT! Yoruba is not an official language in Brazil

Claim: A national newspaper and several online platforms claim that Brazil has adopted Yoruba as its official language and that the language will be included in the curriculum in primary and secondary schools.

Verdict: The claim is wrong. The content of the articles published by these online platforms is not new; it has been recirculated and exposed several times.

Government tasked with improving medical, inclusive education for children with Down syndrome. Government tasked with improving medical, inclusive education for children with Down syndrome.


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