August 25, 2021


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Frontline Schooling CEO Mark Gruzin Acknowledged as High 50

MALVERN, PA, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Frontline Education, a leading provider of K-12 school management software, announced today that CEO Mark Gruzin was named in the Software Report’s annual Top 50 SaaS list – CEOs. Ranked # 10 on the list of 50 SaaS CEOs, Gruzin is the only education software CEO with the highest rank on the list of respected executives.

The Software Report recognizes top CEOs in a variety of industries who demonstrate that with foresight and strong leadership, cutting edge technology thrives and quickly spreads to the industries they serve. The winners were selected based on thousands of nominations from peers, peers, and other participants in the software industry.

“Since joining Frontline in 2019, I have placed particular emphasis on building and maintaining a company that is focused on world-class technology that improves efficiency, productivity and performance for K-12 school districts. Our goal is to provide administrators with unique added value to make their jobs easier so they can focus on strategic initiatives that affect student outcomes, ”said Gruzin. “I share this wonderful honor with my innovative and talented team who have made it their daily mission to deliver EdTech solutions that enable success for the K-12 community.”

Under Gruzin’s leadership, the company has continued to innovate and grow and currently serves thousands of educational organizations representing over 80,000 schools, as well as millions of educators, administrators and support staff in all 50 states. As a results-oriented executive with a collaborative spirit, Gruzin and his team completed the successful acquisition of nine companies in just under two years and strategically aligned priorities with operational practices to support ongoing customer success, employee engagement and product innovation.

“We congratulate Mark on his appointment as one of the best SaaS CEOs in the country,” said Charles Goodman, president of Frontline Education. “Mark is a model leader who brings the company an inspiring vision and adaptable solutions to meet the changing needs of the educational community.”

Gruzin is committed to a positive work culture for the now more than 1200 Frontline Education team members. He has built leadership skills into the organization and works to build trust through transparent and consistent communication.

About Frontline

Frontline Education is a leading provider of school management software that combines student and special program, business and human capital management solutions with powerful data and analytics to empower teachers. Frontline works with school systems to provide tools, data, and insights that support greater efficiency and productivity, and enable school leaders to spend more time and resources implementing strategies that improve educator effectiveness, student success, and excellence of the district.

Frontline’s broad portfolio includes solutions for proactive recruiting and hiring, absence and time management, professional development, student information systems, special education, special programs, Medicaid reimbursement, school health management, payroll, benefits and financial management. Over 9,500 school districts, representing millions of educators, administrators and support staff, have partnered with Frontline Education to advance the next generation of learners.

Frontline Education is headquartered in Malvern, PA with location hubs (physical offices) in Roseville, CA, Naperville, IL and Austin, TX. In addition to Frontline’s location hubs, collaboration hubs – flexible locations in areas where Frontline has a concentration of team members, and remote location hubs – have been set up across the country to encourage employee engagement remotely through the intentional and encourage shared use of tools and processes. were founded as part of a company-wide effort to redesign the work environment.

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