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Fortnite: The place to gather parenting books from Holly Hatchery & Retail Row

Here players will find the DC Hero NPCs Clark Kent, Batman and Beast Boy in Fortnite.

With the release of the Superman cosmetic set, Fortnite added a few DC heroes to The Island. Unlike licensed superheroes in the past, these three characters are actually friendly. They can’t be hired, bought, and not really worth fighting against. However, they play an essential role in unlocking specific cosmetics.

Clark Kent, Armored Batman, and Beast Boy can be found in specific locations on the map. Players will have to visit them multiple times before the end of Season 7 if they want to unlock the Superman Cosmetics. This article shows the locations of all three heroes and how to get the Superman set.

Fortnite DC Hero locations

Superman, Batman, and Beast Boy can all be found in very specific locations. Clark Kent is located in The Orchard, the small apple farm north of the Corny Complex. Batman can be found around some of the boxes in the southern portion of Dirty Docks. Beast Boy can be found on the big bridge in the middle of Weeping Woods.

As mentioned earlier, these three NPCs only give quests to players. However, players will need to complete five quests given to them by these NPCs in order to unlock the Superman set. Players cannot accept multiple NPC quests at the same time, so they must visit these NPCs five times.

For those who have a hard time finding them, all three locations are marked on the map below. Players don’t have to worry about visiting all three so they can choose which one to visit.

Fortnite Superman Batman Beast Boy Locations

In addition to visiting these NPCs, players will also need to complete many epic quests. Over 80 epic quests must be completed to unlock the entire Shadow Superman set. While that sounds like a lot of work, players should take on the Superman challenges one at a time. Start by visiting these three NPCs and then focus on completing the epic challenges.


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