August 30, 2021


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Former Secretary of Training Arne Duncan Compares Individuals to Suicide Bombers

Have you noticed how strikingly similar the mindsets and actions are between the suicide bombers at Kabul airport and the anti-mask and anti-vax people here? Both blow themselves up, harm their fellow human beings and are convinced that they are fighting for freedom. Arne Duncan, 08/29/21 Twitter

The cruelty, ignorance and moral superiority drips from the canvas of the former Secretary of Education under President Obama Arne Duncan. We can shake it off, call him an idiot, move on. Or we can take a close look at the thought process of people with current or past power in our government and their platform / ability to fuel deep fears that have one goal – compliance. Minister Duncan may want to pay a few of us a visit to find out how related we are to suicide bombers as we look after our children around the clock. It is we who have been bombed, and 25 years after the autism epidemic, we are less respected and more hated than ever – how’s that for an ugly truth. It’s hard to believe where we are today as a nation. Hard to believe.

Here is the tweet text below:
Managing Partner, The Emerson Collective.
#ChicagoCRED. Author of How Schools Work. Here are the stated priorities of the Emerson Collective:

immigration Helping Emerging Americans and New Immigrants Succeed
education Pave the way to a meaningful education
climate Building solutions at the interface between climate innovation and environmental justice.
WHY: The Super School Project Rethinking Americas High Schools
Chicago CRED Creating a real economic fate in Chicago
Justice & Justice Design of new opportunity systems for everyone
Media & journalism Stimulate thought and strengthen democracy
Bless you Accelerating cancer research and empowering patients


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