August 11, 2021


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Flatten the Perv

I can’t recognize the heading, “DN” understands that. Ciao Cuomo, piccolo uomo. Translation: Goodbye Cuomo, little man. Stronzo on the mask in the photo? Look it up, this is a PG site. Note: we all have one and the sun doesn’t shine there. Capisci?

That guy: From an Oprah site.

  • Andrew Cuomo was named one of the Sexiest Men in the World and one of the Most Desired Men in New York City in 2020.
  • The governor is currently single in his third term – he split from longtime girlfriend, author and former Food Network star Sandra Lee in September 2019.
  • Cuomo was previously married to Kerry Kennedy for 13 years.

The hottest man in the world ???? Desirable? Why? His power? Is that still what makes a man “desirable” ???

This very sexy, desirable Andrew Cuomo, who is now facing a scandalous outing for his treatment of women, has just stepped down from his position as New York Governor.

Over the years, he has brutally rejected our community. Under his supervision, 26,000 healthy children were kicked out of school long before Covid closed classrooms when it lifted the religious exception. BSK posted on FB:

He’s never allowed to pay for the nursing home scandal. But this? That will do it. He loses his dream and brings shame to his family and the Cuomo name. Let him feel a tenth of what my kid felt when they were kicked out of their school / second home and lost their IEP on 6/13/19 – when families like mine also had #FourteenDays to find out what the hell we were going to do after the stroke of his pen.


His behavior towards women points to many who abuse us and actively work against us and our children. And he has THREE DAUGHTERS! There is a misogyny that is so deep and vicious that it is difficult to explain to men and even more women who support men like Cuomo. He tried to use his Italian heritage as a crutch. Mamma Mia. He should be let out in handcuffs, instead he has 2 weeks to stroll to his next gig, certainly at a trough like most “ex” politicians.

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