July 21, 2021


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Finest Water Bottles for Faculty

Keeping kids hydrated is important and the school day is no different. Students who drink enough water avoid the blurred thinking, mood swings, and elevated body temperatures that accompany dehydration. Poor hydration literally interferes with learning by reducing the brain’s ability to receive and transmit information. Here are the best water bottles for your kids to take with you to school. Of course, check back with your child’s school to make sure all rules and restrictions are followed.

Powder-coated surface

By applying the powder and then heating it, these water bottles have a robust, long-lasting surface. Help your kids stay healthy with this ombre water bottle. This 22 ounce bottle has a lot of moisturizing power. Fill it up with ice and water in the morning and it will keep your child’s water cold all day at school for up to 24 hours. The insulated iron bottle is available in this color of chewing gum and in over 20 other colors. There are also a variety of additional sizes available: 14, 18, 32, 40, and 64 ounces. It’s also sweat free. In combination with the powder coating, this bottle is easy to grip and hold.

Leak-proof selection

Children need plenty of water to stay properly hydrated. So if you keep it cold and icy, the more likely they will drink it. This double-walled, insulated water bottle is a smart choice for all of the kids on your list. You can also add a pinch of sea salt to provide electrolytes and a dash of orange for a touch of sweetness. This matt black 32 ounce stainless steel bottle has a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning. Available in 10 other sizes from 14 to 128 ounces and dozens of other colors.

Flip top option

Little hands will love this dropping and sturdy plastic water bottle. Getting your kids used to drinking water regularly can be as simple as serving it in a sweet water bottle. This is where this unicorn decorated water bottle comes in. With a wide neck design, your kids don’t have to sip through a straw when they’re really thirsty. Just open the hinged lid and freshen up. When the lid is closed, it is leak-proof and leak-proof with a silicone plunger.

Comfortable grip

The large handle on top of the water bottle makes it easy to transport to school, to the field or on the bus. In the classroom or in the field, children need adequate hydration. Giving them a 14 ounce dive shark bottle will ensure the water stays within easy reach. This sporty drinking bottle for your children to take with you is light and withstands falls and bumps on the way. Since it is leak-proof when opened, your child simply bites into the straw to drink. The insulated bottle and cap are both dishwasher safe and remain odor and dirt repellent after holding sports drinks or unsweetened iced teas.


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