June 21, 2021


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Finest Espresso Ok Cups For A Fast Cup of Joe

Do you remember when coffee was just something you drank regardless of where you were or where it came from? Yeah, neither do we. That was certainly easier in an easier time, but when it came to coffee, there wasn’t so much to choose from. Now it’s a whole different story. Fortunately, the Keurig compatible coffee maker makes the whole process easy. Here are our favorite K-cup coffees.

You saw the thoroughfares in the morning and thought: man, these people really have to love donuts. But of course, it’s not just the donuts they’re after. Nowadays it’s often so irresistible – dare we say addicting – coffee that has become a staple of the long-standing chain, so much so that it has influenced a shortening of its name. For those of us who aren’t quite as patient as the riders on these lines, Dunkin’s 4-box supply of Original Blend Medium Roast K-Cups is the perfect compromise. Suitable for every K-Cup-friendly brewer.

They say variety is the spice of life which is why we like this Starbucks offering. Instead of being overwhelmed by the choices or waiting in the potentially endless line, you can try out some of Starbuck’s most popular staples, as well as try interesting new ones too. Everything in one package. Try the sweet touch of caramel one morning, an earthier hazelnut the next, and then the warm, roasted ambience of toffee nut. With 60 cups in six boxes, you’re practically a barista by the end of your stash.

McDonald’s may have been late for the coffee craze, but when they stepped in they got it right with the McCafe Premium Roast. This Arab-influenced offering gets its beans from the hills and mountains of Central and South America and delivers the kind of medium roast that works any time of the day. Serve straight away in the morning, adding some cream and sugar for the afternoon boost. Suitable for all Keurig systems.

Before making choices, good coffee was just a liquid wake-up call. These bold and flavorful pods will take you back to an easier time when coffee was measured by how it met you during the first few sips. This medium roast is designed to be eaten with a donut with a dunk or toast with a crunch or perhaps a stack of flapjacks. Full-bodied and uncomplicated, this medium-roasted mixture embodies one of the best things in life – simply great coffee. Compatible with all Keurig K-Cup Pod Single Serving Coffee Makers and brews up to 12 oz. everyone.

For those who don’t want coffee one day to be like the next, Maud’s 80 pack with nine different blends is the right choice. The gourmet collection contains the best that Maud has to offer, from specialty roasts and organic blends to their most popular flavored coffee, salted caramel. Made from Arabica coffee, obtained from organic and fair trade beans in prime growing areas around the world, these beans are roasted using 100 percent solar energy at their facility in San Diego, California. Fits Keurig and most single-serving coffee machines.


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