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Finest Dutch Ovens to Up Your Cooking Recreation

Going from stove to oven, a Dutch Oven and the heavy matching lid keep the heat and moisture inside and help develop deep, rich flavors. With thick sides and a wide base, use for roasting, braising, braising and even baking bread. Popularly made from cast iron, some are made of ceramic and others are made of aluminum. Expand your repertoire of cooking utensils and you’ll soon be wondering what you’ve ever done without them. These are our favorite Dutch ovens and why.

Tolerates high heat

The enamel coating of the cast iron is the great feature of this Lodge model. Have you made a tomato sauce in a cast iron pan and noticed a metallic taste in your food? This can happen when you prepare acidic food in iron pans, as some of the iron can get into the food from the pan. This does not happen with this smooth enamelled surface, as nothing penetrates. Start by marinating your chicken or meat in the refrigerator, bring it to room temperature, and then bake, fry or grill in the same high-performance pan. The 4.6 quart size is about 11 inches in diameter and about four and a half inches tall.

Easy to grasp

With large handles, it’s easier to move this nearly 15-pound Dutch oven from stove to stove. Dutch ovens are a fantastic vessel for baking bread. Just remember to preheat your Dutch Oven in an oven at 450 degrees F for at least 20 minutes. Then when you want to pickle your dough, the hot surface of the enameled cast iron will crisp the bread. The cast iron also distributes the heat evenly so there are no hot spots on your artisanal bread.


From the freezer to the fire, this blue Dutch Oven can cook every step for you. Due to its enamelled solid cast iron construction, a Dutch Oven is ideal for stews. Once you’ve generously seasoned your meat with salt and pepper on all sides, you’ll fry it in hot oil to seal in the juices. Take the pieces out of the pan and add all of your vegetables, spices, and liquid. Bring to a simmer and add the pieces of meat. Let simmer until done.

Wear-resistant interior

The sand-colored ceramic in this Dutch Oven resists wear and tear, stains and chips. This Le Creuset Signature Dutch Oven will make you look like a chef even when you are not. The hard-wearing ceramic coating in pure Mediterranean blue with a light, shaded lid cover is an attractive addition to any kitchen that is only on the stove. The round pot weighs about 13 pounds and holds 5.5 quarters.

We go away

Take this campsite and have a one pot dinner to impress the entire campsite. Roast a chicken with onions and lemons or prepare chilli and cook slowly over the embers. The 5-quart Dutch oven is made of sturdy cast iron and has a special domed lid. Not only does this lid style offer extra space for baking artisan bread, but it also turns it upside down and it’s a pan with two handles! So many possibilities.


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