November 24, 2021


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Find out how to Deal With Social Anxiousness Throughout the Holidays

Sarah Ahmed, co-founder of Wellnest, a Toronto psychotherapy clinic, agreed. “I know I sit out two events a week, a number that was much higher than prepandemic,” she said. Use your body, she suggested, as an indicator of whether you’ve reached your capacity. “Our bodies talk to us all the time,” said Ahmed. Common symptoms of social anxiety include exhaustion, headache, sweating, speech disorders, nausea, and increased heart rate. “If you are feeling particularly tired after a social event, I would reconsider future commitments this week.”

If you decline an invitation, Dr. Lerman, do this as early as possible, and keep your explanation short and polite. (“That sounds funny, but I have to pass this time” or “Thanks for the invitation, but I already have plans.”)

Vow to be extra gentle with yourself at a holiday gathering, said Dr. Bryant. “Do things that you know will calm you down and calm you down, like playing music beforehand that will put you in a festive mood.”

Make a self-sufficiency plan after the event as well, she advised. “You may promise yourself, ‘I’ll have a bubble bath and a hot cup of green tea afterwards,’ or you may set up a call with someone you trust and as soon as you get in the parking lot you know You can call them to debrief. “

If you feel overwhelmed at an event, create a little space for yourself to reorient yourself. “Depending on your neighborhood, you can take a short walk to get some fresh air,” said Dr. Bryant. When the walls tighten on a family matter, “Willingly be the messenger: ‘Oh, we didn’t get enough butter? I will go!'”

And it is a perfectly acceptable conversation starter to “acknowledge and normalize the awkwardness during this transition,” Ahmed said. “You can say, ‘My brain remembers how to socialize, so forgive me if I’m still a little rusty.'”

If you only want to attend an event for an hour, let the host know ASAP, said Monica Lewis, co-founder (with her husband Darian) of the Houston Monica Lewis School of Etiquette. Or you can ask when is the best time to stop by. “You might say, ‘Oh, be here for cocktail hour’ or ‘I don’t want you to miss the gift exchange,'” Ms. Lewis said.


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