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Filipina pursues graduate program in Particular Schooling at NIE NTU, Singapore


January 10, 2022 | 10:15 am

Micaella Salonga comes from a career in early childhood education and has interacted with different types of students with different needs. She worked in an inclusive preschool and was fortunate to have colleagues to guide her in dealing with children who were classified as atypical learners.

Despite her experience and the support she received, she realized that she needed to acquire even more technical skills and knowledge in order to optimally care for children with special needs and to keep pace with changes in this area.

To achieve this, she decided to do a Master of Education (Special Education) at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NIE NTU, Singapore).

Micaella was first introduced as a student on a short study tour of Singapore and Indonesia at NIE NTU, Singapore. “It was fascinating to hear about his roots as a teacher training institution and his strong performance in research and global university rankings,” she recalled.

Micaella has always wanted to do postgraduate studies abroad, believing the experience will broaden her perspective as an inclusive education educator. Among her top decisions was NEVER Singapore.

“Over time, I have always viewed NIE Singapore as one of my first choices when applying to college, especially with its extensive range of programs. After communicating with NIE staff and the Master of Education (Special Education) program director, I was sure that NIE was the right university for my Masters, ”she said.

As an international student, Micaella was able to adapt to the environment at NIE. “The overall adjustment process to NIE and NTU was made easier when I got on-campus graduate accommodation. I really felt part of the community as I was able to explore the campus and participate in several community activities before the pandemic started.

“The NIE Graduate Student Club has also helped me adapt to the learning environment in NIE and connect with other international students. The international student body at NTU is very active and large, and we have met several times in person or online, ”she continued.

Micaella has always wanted to do postgraduate studies abroad, believing the experience will broaden her perspective as an inclusive education educator. Among her top decisions was NEVER Singapore.

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Micaella found her experience at NIE really enriching and eye opening. “The Master of Education (Special Education) program integrates evidence-based practices and research that extends from assessment to application. The colleagues I met on the program all came from different backgrounds from medical, military and corporate backgrounds, and we all had the same goal of serving students with different needs. “

She added, “What I think is unique about the program is that the courses offered cover all stages of a student’s life with special needs (from early intervention to transition into professional life), which allows professionals to choose courses which are most coordinated with their researches or interests. The program promotes professional skills in the field of special education and working with students and families. “

In particular, she found the interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to learning most beneficial. “The opportunity to enroll in courses with other specializations offered at NIE during my first semester set the tone for how I saw working with my fellow students. I was able to exchange ideas not only with people from special needs education, but also with peers from the fields of developmental psychology and the curriculum and teaching programs. Our discussions were rich and gave me a deep understanding of human psychology while still relating it to my study program. “

“The professors were also very hospitable and their extensive expertise in their field on a global level enabled me to actively participate in tutorials and lectures. The facilities in NIE, namely the library and the Graduate Student Lounge, made it possible to balance academic rigor and personal development, ”she continued.

When asked if she would recommend the NIE to potential international students, she replied in the affirmative.

“Yes. NIE offers a variety of programs for those interested in postgraduate studies, all from different industries. The set curriculum for each program provides academic rigor for professionals considering how they will both apply and practice their craft The support of the students through various institutions, resources and the cooperative nature of the community also make the NIE stand out in the field of research. “

The National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore, is an autonomous institute of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). It was consistently ranked among the top 20 educational institutions in the world and top 3 in Asia by the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) ranking.

Further information on the graduate programs offered by NIE can be found at www.nie.edu.sg/ge.


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