Father’s Day: Karan Johar desires to show Yash and Roohi ‘inclusivity and humanity’ says world wants aware parenting

Karan Johar, who is a single parent to his twins Yash and Roohi, made a special contribution on Father’s Day about conscious parenting and said he wanted to raise his children as individuals and teach them inclusion. The filmmaker posted a lovely swimming pool photo with his kids, along with a few more snapshots of Roohi and Yash.

“Blessed to be a father…. My aim is to raise them as individuals and never stereotyping them according to gender … to teach them inclusivity and humanity in equal measure … we are in a world that needs conscious upbringing and I strive to be these parents …. Children are extremely suggestible, so what we say around them really matters! #Happyfathersday to every understanding, supportive, but never controlling father… ..❤️ “wrote Karan in his special Father’s Day mail.

The filmmaker, who surrogated his twins in 2017, has since set parenting goals. Karan also started a video series with Yash and Roohi during last year’s pandemic, calling them “Lockdown with the Johars”. The twins won millions of hearts with these videos that spread smiles.

Karan, who is raising his children with his mother, Hiroo Johar, was also inspired to write last year and has written a children’s book called “Little Luv’s Big Thoughts”.


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