July 22, 2021


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Eric Clapton Will Not Carry out if there is a Again of the Bus

I know it’s just rock and roll, but I like it, like it, yeah I do.

A big thank you to Eric Clapton for advocating what rock and roll is all about. FREEDOM. Why? Because he has personally experienced the fear, worry and danger of a vaccination violation.

He puts his money where his microphone is and refuses to play in places that discriminate based on Covid vaccine status. Unlike Bruce Springsteen and Foo Fighters who sold their fans down the pharma river.

Eric Clapton will not play shows that require proof of vaccination

Eric Clapton said he will not perform in places where attendees will have to prove they have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Clapton made his statement in response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday, July 19, that vaccine passports were required to enter nightclubs and venues. Clapton’s testimony was shared via the Telegram account of film producer and architect Robin Monotti, who was also skeptical of the Covid-19 vaccine and expressed other doubts about the UK government’s response to the pandemic. (Clapton previously posted a message on Monotti’s Telegram page about his “disastrous” health experience after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.)


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