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Equipment Harington: There isn’t any break from parenting | Leisure and Celeb Information

Little did Kit Harington know that there was no such thing as a “break” from parenthood.

Former Game of Thrones star and wife Rose Leslie gave birth to their first child, a baby boy, five months ago, and Adonis, 34, admitted he wasn’t ready for the “big” job starting a family is.

When asked what surprised him most about fatherhood, he told Access Hollywood: “They tell you and they don’t tell you [about fatherhood]. Everyone says, ‘Look, it’s great what you’re going to go through.’ You have no way of knowing until it happens.

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“What surprises you is, you say, ‘Oh, it goes on forever.’ You don’t have a break from it. “

But the “Modern Love” actor loves how having his baby brought him and his wife closer together.

He told Access Hollywood: “Every day I wake up and take care of this little person and now we are part of a common entity.

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“I think what surprises me most about fatherhood is that you are now a unit, you three. And that’s a whole new dynamic that you have to find.

“Pretty much every day I find it growing and changing, how does that change you. It’s a beautiful thing, it really is.”

Rose, also 34, had confirmed her pregnancy in September when she showed off her budding baby bump through professional photos taken for her Make magazine cover story.

Although she didn’t speak to the magazine about her pregnancy, the publication’s fashion director Ursula Lake wrote on Instagram: “So wonderful to work with beautiful Rose Leslie on the cover story of @make_magazineuk! Holding Rose at this wonderful time as she prepares for motherhood for the first time! (sic) “

And a month later, Rose addressed her happy news by saying she was “excited” to have a baby with Kit, whom she married in 2018.

She said, “I’m very excited to be waiting. And I can’t wait to meet the new member of our family!”

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