September 4, 2021


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Ending Plague from Youngsters’s Well being Protection and Skyhorse Publishing

A message from Skyhorse Publishing linked to Children’s Health Defense:

Dear Reader,

The mainstream media, funded by the pharmaceutical industry, has convinced millions of Americans that people like Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Robert Gallo and Dr. Francis Collins are heroes.

Drs. Frank Ruscetti and Judy Mikovits and I need your help today to expose their plague of corruption and to show what dangerous charlatans they really are.

By ordering a copy of your new book today – Ending Plague: A Scholar’s Obligation in an Age of Corruption – you can help get it to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

The sooner we reach this milestone, the sooner the whole world will know the truth. If you’ve already ordered your book, thank you. Can you share this email with family and friends today? Or even better order several copies as a gift?

A year after Dr. Mikovits and Kent Hecken have debunked Plandemic for the first time with their banned, groundbreaking short film starring Mikki Willis and their runaway New York Times bestseller Plague of Corruption, they have returned with another book that explores the falsehood and corruption exposes our government’s health facilities.

Dr. Frank Ruscetti, a 38-year-old National Cancer Institute veteran who has worked closely with the likes of Fauci and Gallo, offers a true inside portrait of his nearly four decades at the center of public health. His insights into the successes and failures of government science will open the eyes of the general public. What he and Dr. Revealing Mikovits doesn’t just wipe out the media spin. . . but should also alert any American who cares about this land – and the future our children will inherit.

In their book they reveal:

1. How the HIV / AIDS epidemic was an utter disaster, compromised by the egos of Robert Gallo and Anthony Fauci, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of millions.
2. The lies about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS), often referred to as “non-HIV / AIDS” that has handicapped millions of women and men.

3. How the autism epidemic is not a natural phenomenon, it is based on what we do daily with children in pediatric practices around the world.
4. Why and how the COVID-19 crisis was lied to from the start and how we are creating a catastrophic health problem for generations to come.
5. Profiles of some courageous individuals and therapies that have the potential to usher in a golden age of health for all of us.

This is just the (very) short list.

Order your copy today: Ending Plague: A Scholar’s Obligation in an Age of Corruption.

How do we stop this terrible and rampant corruption? Before millions – including those forced to choose between their health, their jobs, and their education – are needlessly harmed by experimental vaccines and the big pharma money rush?
By getting Ending Plague to the top of the bestseller list.

Order your copy today: Ending Plague: A Scholar’s Obligation in an Age of Corruption. Your book will meet with heavy criticism and relentless attempts at censorship – in the words of Plato: “They consider him their worst enemy who tells them the truth.”

But tell the truth, we have to – and I need your help to do that.

I hope this book doesn’t just tell the truth about Dr. Fauci, Robert Gallo and Big Pharma, but will also motivate and mobilize millions more advocates for Truth, Health and Democracy.

Ending Plague was released on August 31st. By ordering your copy today, you are helping to get the book into best-selling status in our government today.


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