November 30, 2021


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Employee scarcity hitting Iowa faculties | Training

The Lewis Central Community School District is feeling the shortage, Superintendent Eric Knost said.

“I would say we continue to struggle to find a sufficient number of candidates in almost all support staff positions,” he said. “As far as the substitute teachers are concerned, we are better than last year, but we still lack substitutes who are willing to work regularly and across all grades.”

The district has managed to recruit a few bus drivers, but the supply is still scarce, said Knost.

“We were able to hire a few drivers, which helped, but we would like a few more on reserve,” he said. “Custody aspirants are still an issue, as are educators and school nutritionists.”

According to Diane Ostrowski, Chief Communications Officer, Council Bluffs Community Schools are starting the second semester with two open teaching positions.

“Our replacement rate has done well,” she said. “We have a 90% occupation rate for class teachers and an 85% occupation rate for all teachers, including counselors, special education teachers, and interventionists.

However, parapedagogues are hard to come by, said Ostrowski.

“We are currently looking for staff to fill several full-time positions and our substitute teacher pool is much smaller than our substitute teacher pool,” she said. “There is significant competition in the local job market in the teaching salary range, with jobs ranging from $ 14 to $ 18. We’re offering a $ 500 sign-up bonus for parapedagogues and health insurance. “


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