January 10, 2022


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Emma Watkins has left The Wiggles and we miss her already

But we’re so excited about the new Yellow Wiggle!

Emma Watkins, also known as the first wiggle woman, hung her big yellow bow for the last time.

Just before the New Year, Watkins uploaded a post on their facebook celebrates her last day as a Yellow Wiggle with a photo of her in her Wiggles costume holding a large fabric version of her iconic bow. Fans of the show flooded the comments with good wishes and thanks for inspiring and entertaining their little ones for the past nine years.

“Thanks for the smile and for empowering little girls everywhere,” said one commenter. “You will forever be the yellow wiggle in our hearts.”

“Good luck for the future Emma, you are a real talent and a beautiful soul. Thank you for entertaining our children (and us parents) over the years, ”wrote another.

Little Yellow Wiggle fans have been dreading this day since October 2021, when Emma first announced that she was leaving the group due to revelations during the lockdown.

“Like many people around the world, the pandemic has given me time to think about what is important in life,” she said in the statement announcing her departure. “For me it means spending more time at home, something I didn’t know I missed on tour eight months a year, but something I do really appreciated it in the last 18 months. “

Watkins had been with the Wiggles for 11 years and first appeared as a number of supporting characters on the show before donning her signature yellow bow in 2013. While we are all sad to see Emma leave, there is no need to worry as there will still be a lot of girl power in the group. 16-year-old Tsehay Hawkins, who officially supported the TV series Wiggle’s Fruit Salad on YouTube, takes on the role of Yellow Wiggle and brings her gentle shuffling movements, sunny smile and youthful spirit to the group.

Would you like to know a fun fact? Tsehay will be the youngest person to ever join the Wiggles! How cool is that

Check out her intro video below!


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