October 13, 2021


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East Using third lowest in nation for particular wants training funding | Information

Because the number of students who need it will increase.

Author: Local Democracy Reporter, Joe GerrardPublished 1 hour ago

Assistance was not available to an East Riding Special Needs Child (SEND) after hundreds of vendors were approached amid a “creaky” national system and a looming £ 90 million deficit, councilors heard.

The East Riding Council cabinet heard that child advocates could not find a provider to assist the child after more than 325 were contacted.

Council Children’s Head Eoin Rush told Cabinet the child’s case was an example of the increasing pressure on the SEND services and the “crises” that resulted.

The director added that at its SEND, the council had an “unsustainable” deficit of $ 90 million by 2031.

It comes as cabinet backed the official’s plans to improve the service, which is expected to face increasing demand in the years to come.

A council report said the number of local children with SEND Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) is expected to increase from 2,647 to more than 3,000 by 2023.

Over the past three years, the number of children with EHCPs has increased 42 percent, meaning 3.9 percent of East Riding children now have one.

East Ridings 3.9 percent is above the Yorkshire and national average of 2.9 percent.

The report also warned that the current funding arrangements, introduced in 2014 as part of the national reforms of the services, cannot include all children in SEND support.

It added that despite a 14 percent budget increase to nearly $ 31 million, East Riding

Mr Rush told city councils that the proposed improvements to SEND services came under pressure from the coronavirus pandemic and previous funding problems.

The director added that the East Riding Improvement Plan aimed to work with parents, carers, schools and health workers to provide early support to children and more home care.

Mr. Rush said:

“We have a far-reaching and ambitious plan for SEND children in East Riding.

“There is no doubt that the SEND system is facing some crises nationally.

“There is a national shortage of specialized nursing homes for children with complex needs.

“We have a system that creaks under pressure across the country, which limits parental trust.

“Everyone involved agrees that resources could be used more effectively to get support for children earlier.

“Arrangements must be sustainable and improvements based on evidence and collaboration with parents and caregivers who learn the results.

“We have to move as far away as possible from children having to travel to care.

“It’s about all children having the best start in life and that SEND children are proud to come from East Riding and be supported and cared for.”

Lee Thompson, director of adult services, said improvements to SEND services for children would help them before their needs become “more complex” as they age.

He added that work and education opportunities are needed for SEND children entering adulthood, 8 percent of which are in paid employment, above the national average.

Cllr Victoria Aitken, owner of the council’s Children and Youth Portfolio, said the improvement effort should be seen as the start of a journey rather than a “quick fix”.

The portfolio owner said:

“One of the comments we keep hearing is that the Council needs to improve its communication with the SEND services.

“I cannot stress the importance of this enough, but I am very pleased that these issues are being addressed.”

Council President Jonathan Owen said:

“We must not lose sight of the additional crisis in financing high needs.

“We are still the third lowest funded high needs agency in the country.

“We will continue to lobby the government for better funding.”

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