August 29, 2021


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By Cathy Jameson

I have never heard an answer in my adult life that was used more often than “Because of COVID”. Regardless of the environment – in a school, a shop, a doctor’s office, on a playground or at a concert. Because of COVID it is said all the time. It started last year:

Sorry kids. Sport is canceled … because of COVID.

Sorry staff. All meetings are now virtual … because of COVID.

Sorry ma’am. All regular appointments are limited … because of COVID.

Sorry, travelers. Flight restrictions now apply … because of COVID.

I was expecting and getting used to the adjustments we had to make in March 2020 due to COVID. Back then, the 2-week break made sense. I thought it was a reasonable request and actually welcomed her. I didn’t expect the restrictions and the immediate response … because COVID will hinder parts of life for as long as it does. But even this week I’ve heard several times that COVID is used in a school, medical, and political setting.

It has become an answer, an apology, and a justification. It has been said countless times since 2020. I hear it every day for a few weeks. I respected it … until I didn’t.

… due to COVID, local sports are still canceled or associated with limited capacity or significant restrictions. Unless you’re a big sports team.

… due to COVID, meetings and office meetings are encouraged virtually. Unless it’s your birthday and you have celebrity status.

… because of COVID there are still restrictions in the community. Unless you think you are above the law.

… due to COVID, air traffic has suffered a blow for passengers and some airlines. Unless you are an exposed elected official shirking your job.

I guess you heard it as many times as I did last year. You’ve probably heard that catchphrase for most of 2021 as well. It’s not that much of a buzzword, is it? Now it is being used as a threat.

You have to have an injection because of COVID.

If you don’t get the shot, you will lose your job because of COVID.

If you lose your job, you will lose your benefits, employment, and maybe even retirement due to COVID.

You can lose everything you worked hard for because of COVID.

Those who chose to be shot may not face the same threats, but for those who respectfully refused, all of these come true.

Healthcare workers, government employees, educators, federal employees, and the military could lose their jobs or face severe restrictions … because of COVID. Not because they suddenly lost skills. Not because they committed an illegal act. These community helpers, whose livelihood is to help others, are faced with a big decision: to get the chance or to be forced out of their job.


… because of COVID.

In my entire life I have never seen a non-stick medical device being used like this. The vaccine was a promise, it was seen as preventive, and then quickly became a vital requirement. Bring it or else! We have never lived like this, without freedoms and with seemingly illogical demands on daily activities. But we’re doing it now … because of COVID.

Cathy Jameson is co-editor for Age of Autism.


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